Конспект урока “At School” 5 класс “Enjoy English 3” М.З.Биболетова


I.Начало урока


2)Речевая разминка

3)Постановка целей

II.Основная часть

1)Аудирование (повторение степеней сравнения)

2)Упражнение №1 “Степени сравнения”

3)Упражнение №2 “Степени сравнения”

4)Упражнение №4 “Speak, tell or say

5)Упражнение №5 “Притяжательный падеж”

6)Упражнение №6 на повторение лексики.

7)Кроссворд (повторение лексики)

III.Заключительный этап.

1)Подведение итогов

2)Выставление оценок

Деятельность учителя

Good afternoon! I’m glad to see you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tatyana Nikolaevna and today I will be your English teacher. Prepare your text-books and exercise-books for the lesson.

Now tell me, what date it is today? What day of the week is it today? What is the weather like today?

Today we are going to revise all your grammar material which you learnt at the previous lessons and we will do a lot of exercises.

Let’s begin to work.

Now listen to me very attentively. I will read for you one small text. Your task is to find adjectives in comparative or superlative form in it and write them down in your exercise-books.

It was the best day in Peter’s life. The sun was brighter than ever and there was no any cloud in the sky. Peter came to school 5 minutes earlier. He met all his best friends and they went to the classroom. The first lesson was Geography. It was their most favourite subject. Their teacher told them about different countries and peoples. Peter and his friends learnt a lot of interesting facts. After their lessons they went to play their most interesting game.”

Ok. Well done!

Now I will give you the cards with the task. You should complete the sentences by putting the adjective in brackets into comparative or superlative form.

  1. Russian is (difficult) language in the word.

  2. For me, English and Art are (interesting) subjects.

  3. This girl is (beautiful) than that girl.

  4. He has (big) dog.

  5. Tom is (lazy) boy in our class.

  6. This boy is (fast) than me.

  7. Peter knows English (well) than Tom.

  8. My homework was (bad) in my group.

Right you are.

Look at the blackboard. There you can see two boys: Jack and Jim. They are very different. You should compare them using the words below. First of all let’s read and translate these words.

  • tall

  • short

  • happy

  • sad

  • fat

  • thin

  • strong

  • weak

For example: Jack is taller than Jim.


On the blackboard you can see some sentences. You are to fill in the blanks with the verbs say, tell or speak.

  1. Do your friends … English?

  2. I can … that she is very beautiful.

  3. “… louder, please” – the teacher said.

  4. My friends … good English.

  5. I didn’t … anything about your secret.

  6. I have a lot to … you.

  7. Please, … me about your holidays.

You are right. Well done!

Now I will give you the cards with the task. Your task is to form the words as in the example.

Example: the mark of the schoolboy – the schoolboy’s mark

  1. the cat of my friend –

  2. the nickname of the boy –

  3. the book of her sister –

  4. the photo of my mother –

  5. the pen of the teacher –

  6. the homework of me best friend –

  7. the computer of the child –

  8. the timetable of my brother –

  9. the uniform of the schoolboy –

  10. the holidays of the pupil –

Right you are!

You can see the parts of the words on the blackboard. Your task is to form the words.

te li to ry ra his re nick me na

ti sub me ject table form dra uni

ma ce scien

Well done.

Now I have one game for you. It is a puzzle. Try to guess what word is hidden in it.

What word is hidden in this puzzle? You are right. It is “vocabulary”.

What have we done at our lesson? What have we learnt?

You marks are …

I wish you good holidays. Our lesson is over. Good-bye!

Деятельность учащихся

Today is the 31st of October. Today is Tuesday. The weather is bad. It is raining. It is cold.

The best, brighter, earlier, the first, the most favourite, the most interesting.

  1. the most difficult

  2. the most interesting

  3. more beautiful

  4. the biggest

  5. the laziest

  6. faster

  7. better

  8. the worst

Jack is happier than Jim.

Jim is Fatter than Jack.

Jack is stronger than Jim.

Jim is weaker than Jack.

  1. speak

  2. say

  3. speak

  4. speak

  5. say

  6. tell

  7. tell

  1. my friend’s cat

  2. the boy’s nickname

  3. her sister’s book

  4. my mother’s photo

  5. the teacher’s pen

  6. my best friend’s homework

  7. the child’s computer

  8. my brother timetable

  9. the schoolboy’s timetable

  10. the pupil’s holidays

literature, history, nickname, subject, timetable, uniform, drama, science

  1. travel

  2. form

  3. nickname

  4. drama

  5. subject

  6. literature

  7. timetable

  8. art

  9. uniform

  10. party

We have revised all our grammar material and done many exercises.

Тема: “Revision

Класс: 5

Учебное пособие: учебник английского языка “Enjoy English 3” М.З.Бибалетова

Цели урока:

  • повторить пройденную лексику по теме “At school”;

  • повторить пройденный грамматический материал (степени сравнения прилагательных; притяжательный падеж; употребление глаголов speak, say, tell);

  • развивать умение понимать текст на слух;

  • формировать культуру общения;

  • развивать умение анализировать используемые тексты.

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