Презентация по английскому языку на тему "Generation Gap"; 10 класс

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GENERATION GAP Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 551 Алексеева Мария Игоревна
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IS IT EASIER TO BE AN ADULT OR A TEENAGER? Personally I think/ I believe… it’s easier to be … because you… Earn money Bring up children Do teenage things/act like a baby Depend on your parents Have pocket money Go to school Ask permission
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friends school YOUTH PROBLEMS What can make you nervous, annoyed, disappointed? Clothes/fashion Problems at school Problems with parents A quarrel with friends Lack of caring Too much control Falling in a difficult situation Your idea
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READ THE TEENAGER’S LETTERS PUBLISHED IN A YOUTH MAGAZINE. GIVE THEM ADVICE. Hi. My name is Helen. I’m 16. I have a problem with my mum. She doesn’t like my boyfriend. She doesn’t trust him and doesn’t let me to hang out with him. I’d like that my mum respect my choice. I’m not a child any more! My name’s David. Recently I changed my school and now I have problems with my new classmates. They always make fun of me and teas me because of my nationality. It’s too difficult for to adapt. Hi! I’m Jess. My father forgot about me! I understand that it’s very difficult to find a wellpaid job. My dad has one and he has to work hard and little time is left to spend with me. I don’t even remember when he talked to me last time. It’s not right I think! Hello! I’m Nora. My dad And mum are ok, but they have too much control over me and I lack of privacy. When I go out with friends, I always have to be back home by 10 p.m. I have to ask permission for everything. It doesn’t fair.
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Teachers and students, parents and children, strangers in the streets face the problem of generation gap every day. Now, please, answer the questions using the table. What do parents do wrong, What do young people want? according to teens’ opinions? Teenagers want to… Parents… …enjoy life …want to protect … be independent …think they know life better …be taken seriously …forbid … explore life by themselves …treat like a baby …have a chance to… …make children do… …have the right to… …care too much …think for their children … give a lot of advice …treat badly How do their arguments influence their life? Their arguments turn into… …misunderstanding … fights and even cold wars …arguments It makes life … … unbearable …difficult
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What teenagers’ problems may be caused by such misunderstanding? It makes teenagers… …feel depressed …leave home What is the way out? To my mind… Parents should … Personally I think/believe… …live their own life … let their children make mistakes As for me I think… In my opinion… …give more freedom From my point of view… …take drugs …understand that life is changing If you ask me I should say… …drink alcohol …show their love Besides, … …commit suicide …talk about… What is more,… Teenagers should… In addition,… ...respect parents Moreover, … …think about future To sum up, I should say… …aggressive …help parents …obey parents Finally In conclusion…
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Ideal Family Ideal parents Ideal children
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Использованные ресурсы: Учебник “New Millennium” Гроза О. Л. 10 класс английский язык. Использованные интернет ресурсы:

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