Интеллектуальная игра на английском языке "Что? Где? Когда?"; 10-11 классы

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• Попова Ирина Сергеевна, учитель английского языка. • Вологодская область, город Череповец. • Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 7».
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1 • For this “dish” “the cook” used: 1 tomato, 1 tangerine, 1 orange, 1 young onion, 1 old onion, 1 grape, 1 pea pod*, 1 pumpkin, 3 cherries, 1 wild strawberry, several dozens of lemons, 1 pear, 1 carrot and 1 dog. • What are the names of “the cook” and “the dish”? • “The cook” is Gianni Rodari • “The dish” is his novel “Cipollino” _______ *a pea pod – стручок гороха
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2 • “Mona Lisa” is a well-known picture of Leonardo da Vinci. Giaconda doesn’t have one detail in her appearance, though every person has it. • What is it? • Eyebrows
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3 • Every school has its own traditions. It’s a basis of educational work. Mr Popesku (the head teacher of one Romanian school)died 50 years ago. And all these years this school has a teaching aid* and a talisman at the same time. • What did Mr Popesku leave to his school? • His own skeleton _______ • *teaching aid – учебное пособие
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4 • The tribe Bhils (Central India) has a very interesting legend about the Flood. According to this legend this creature told one man about God’s plans to kill all people. Thanks to it, that man saved himself. The God learnt about it and decided to restore* the human race to life. But he punished that creature. He was afraid it could happen again. If you guess how this creature was punished, you will understand what creature it was. • What was the creature? • A fish
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5 • The main consumers of this meat are France and Germany. But on the continent (which is famous for these animals) only 14,5% of population eat this meat less than 4 times a year. • Name the continent and meat. • Australia and meat of kangaroo
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6 • An African tribe Suahili has a legend about the first man who walks down the sky on earth. • What creature helped him to do it? • A giraffe
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7 • The English say that even after a long practice they can’t pronounce this Russian phrase in a right way. At the best in result they have something that can be translated in Russian as “жёлто-голубой автобус”. • What is this phrase? • I love you (Я люблю Вас).
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8 • French playwright D’Ecurcel thought that it was the mean* for the rich and the aim* for the poor. Alexandre Dumas (son) was sure that it was a good servant and a bad master. Swedish chancellor of Oxenstern said that a man without it was in agony, but it without a man was dead thing. Belinsky called it “the sun of life and without it life is difficult dark and cold”. • What is it? • Money
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9 • One day Earl Zavadovsky found Alexander Pushkin in an expensive restaurant and asked him, “It seems to me that you have a lot of money”. But Pushkin answered that he didn’t live like an earl (with the help of money one got from many villages), but he got regular income* from 36… . • …of what? • Letters of Russian alphabet
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10 • If you got lost in the forest, you would always have an opportunity to define where the North is (moss always grows on the north side of a tree). But even if you went under the hot sun of the Kara-Kum desert where you couldn't find a tree, you would always see the thing that would show you the North. • What is it? • It is your shadow. _______
Слайд 12
11 • In one of songs Yuri Antonov declared that the war was buried* on it’s bottom. Andrey Makarevich compared it with the wall. One of characters of the novel “Altist Danilov” created his own paradoxical music trend on basis of it. It is the meaning of the name Galina. And even if you say the right version during your discussion, this won’t be it. • What is it? • Silence
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12 • In the last years of life Pablo Picasso usually called his wife Jacqueline to come to him using the next phrase “Are you here, Jacqueline?” But when his wife heard this phrase, she often came into another room. And it was to blame. • What is it? • A parrot ________ *to blame - винить
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13 • John Osborn (a famous playwright) insisted that we couldn’t believe newspapers and it. A group of Swedish philologists decided to find out who used it more often: men or women. They placed it in one of Stockholm’s department store*. During one day it was used by 412 women and 778 men. • What is it? • A mirror
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14 • One character of the novel “Dreadful Sanctuary” (by Eric Frank Russell) meets a mathematician girl and tells her, “My friend, who is a journalist, says that roots* of your hair are …”. • What roots does she have? • Square roots _______ • *a root – корень
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15 • Historians think that this kind of sport existed in Rome and China, but the first official mention of it was found in Scottish law of 1457. It is the only one kind of sport which equipment was taken to the Moon. Scientists think that the ideal player in this kind of sport would be a pendulum*. • What kind of sport is it? • Golf
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16 • In this musical composition that we know since our childhood it is talked about books and toys in a state of mind in which someone sees series of thoughts, images, and sensations happening in a person's mind during one important process for a man. It is talked about the opportunity* to ride one celestial body* and the opportunity to make friends with a calf of one mammal*. And according to this musical composition all of us should say this phrase. • What phrase should we say in the end of this song? • Good night! _______ *opportunity - возможность
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Made by Irina Sergeevna Popova Russia / Cherepovets / School № 7
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