Урок английского языка "Животные"; 4 класс

Обобщающий урок по теме « Животные» в 4 классе

(Учебник Enjoy English для 4 класса авторы М.З. Биболетова, Н.Н. Трубанева)

Задачи урока

1.Повторить и закрепить лексику по теме «Животные»

2. Систематизировать грамматический материал « Степени сравнения прилагательных»

3. Прививать детям любовь к животным.


1.Начало урока. Приветствие.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. Sit down, please.

Let`s start our English lesson today. Answer my questions, please.

1. What day is it today?

2. What date is it today?

3. Is it winter or spring?

4. Which are spring months?

5. Which is your favorite season?

Let`s speak about today`s weather. Is it rainy?

(sunny, windy, frosty, foggy, etc.)

What is the weather like today?

Рассказ ученика о погоде.

2.Фонетическая зарядка.

Teacher: Today at the lesson we shall speak about animals and describe them. So the theme of our lesson is “Animals in our Life”

  1. But first of all let`s practice the English sounds. Open your books on page 87, exercise number 24.Listen, repeat and read. Read the first (second, third); line, please.

  2. Let`s learn tongue twister. Try to pronounce the sounds [s] [ ] correctly. Listen to announcer and repeat after him. Try to tell a tongue twister.

She sells seashell on the seashore.

3.Повторение лексики по теме «Животные»


1) Let`s review the names of the animals. Look at the screen and read the words after me.

2).Name the domestic animals, please.

3).Name wild animals, please.

4) And now children think a little and name:

A) animals that live in hot countries

b) animals that eat grass ,leaves of the trees vegetables and fruit.

c) animals that are bigger than a tiger

d) the most beautiful animals.

4.Повторение грамматического материала. Степени сравнения прилагательных.

Teacher: To compare the animals we must use the degrees of comparison. Let`s review the rules And now it is a task for you. Open your exercise –books, write down the date and write the degrees of comparison of the following adjectives:

Useful clever

Big funny

Beautiful strong

Tall fast

Read the adjectives, translate them.

Do the task, please.

Look at the screen and check up what you have written.

If you have mistakes, correct them.

Read the adjectives.

5. Сравнение животных.

Teacher: Let`s compare the animals.

A camel is…

A giraffe is…

A lion is..

A penguin is..

6.Чтение текста.

Teacher: Let`s read the text about the little lion. The main characters of this story are: mother lion, little lion, the bee, a parrot, an owl and a lion. Let`s read the text and we know who is the cleverest animal.

1). Let`s read the text all together.

2) And now it is the time to role plays the dialogues.

Answer my questions, please.

1. What does mother lion say to the little lion?

2. Why does she say so?

3. Who is the cleverest animal in this story?

4. What does Mr. Owl say to the little lion? Translate the sentences, please.

7.Ответы на вопросы.

Teacher: The next task is for you. Answer my questions, please.

1. Who is the cleverest animal?

2. Who is the biggest animal in the sea?

3. Who is the fastest animal on the land?

4. Who is the biggest animal on the land?

8. Просмотр видеофильма.

Yes, you know that the biggest animal on the land is the elephant. Please, watch the film. Listen to the text and be ready to answer my questions. These words will help you to understand the text:

1. weight -вес

2. ton - тонна

3. mobile- мобильный

4. leader - лидер

Answer my questions, please.

1. Are the elephants the biggest animals?

2. What is the weight of the elephant?

3. What do the elephants eat?

4. Can the elephants swim?

5. How many years do the elephants live?

6. What else can you add about the elephants?

Tell a few words about them.

9. Физкультминутка.

And now it`s time to have a rest.

Stand up! Clap, clap.

Arms up! Clap, clap.

Step, step! Clap, clap.

Arms down. Sit down.

10. Загадки.

And some riddles for you. Try to guess.What animal is it?

1. It likes honey and fish. (a bear)

2. It is a very big cat. (a tiger)

3. It is very big. It is grey. It has a very long nose.( an elephant)

4. A very funny animal which moves very quickly. It can hang by its tails.( a monkey)

5. It can swim in the water and walk on the land. It has a very big mouth and big teeth.

6. It looks like a horse with black and white stripes.( a zebra)

11. Where do the animals live?

Help the animals to find their homes.

Crocodiles in the mountains

Eagles in the oceans

Whales in the rivers

Camels live in the forest

Hens in the zoo

Monkeys in the country

Foxes In the desert

12. What do the animals give us? Choose the correct word.

Sheep milk

Cows eggs

Bees wool

Rabbits honey

Hens meat

13. Рассказы учащихся о животных.

Teacher: I know children that all of you have many pets at home. please tell us about them. And you can show your pictures. We know many poems about animals.Let1s recite them.

14. Кроссворд

We have some minutes left. Do the crossword puzzle. Find the names of the animals and write them.

Collect the word and read it, please.

15.Правила о животных.

Teacher: Thank you very much for your answers. You know a lot about animals. So my dear friends you must take care of them and not only about pets but all birds and animals. It is necessary for you to remember some rules about your pets.

16. Подведение итогов урока.

Teacher: Today at the lesson you have spoken a lot about animals. Thank you for a good work. Your marks are…

Your home task is ex.12, p.33 in workbook. The lesson is over. Good-bye.

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