Урок английского языка "В стране ДуДидДан и Великобритании"

Открытый урок
в 6 классе
«The trip in the country DoDidDone
and in Great Britain»

учитель английского
языка Быкова Г.В.

МБОУ « Умётская средняя общеобразовательная школа»

Задачи: 1. Развитие у учащихся диалогической и монологической речи
2. Введение новой лексики и отработка её в серии языковых упражнений
3. Знакомство с социокультурной информацией «Достопримечательности Лондона»
4. Повторение прошедшего времени, выполнение грамматических упражнений по теме

Teacher: Cood morning, dear children and our guests! I am glad to see you! Let’ s begin our lesson.
First of all, I’d like to know what date is it today?
What day of the week is it today? Name all days of the week, please.
What season is it now? Name all springs’ months, please. Do you like spring?
What is your favourite season?
How many lessons do you have today? What are they? What is your favourite subject?
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
Now let’s pronounce the Tougue-twister. Repeat it after me several times as quickly as possible

Three grey geese in the green grass grazing
Grey were the geeze and green was the grazing.

3. Today we are going to visit two countries. The first country is the country DoDidDone.
The second country is Great Britain.

Our mottor is “ It ls better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times”
Please, give me the Russian proverb of these words. (Лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать.)

So the country DoDidDone. The town Past Simple. What is the key-word?
Пароль в этот гоpод – yesterday . Все глаголы в Past описывают действия, происходящие в
В городе живут

Правильные глаголы

Носят плащи с капюшонами –ed
Для всех лиц и чисел эта форма неизменна.
глагол - to work

I worked
He worked
She worked
It worked
We worked
You worked
They worked

Окончание может читаться по- разному.
Дети рассказывают правило.
- после звонких согласных и гласных -
- после глухих согласных -
- после -
t, d - id

На доске 3 колонки. Показываю карточки с глаголами, дети записывают их в нужные колонки. ( Invited, opened, lived, walked,
asked, finished, rested )

Выполнение упражнения 1 на стр. 176

Неправильные глаголы

Их нужно запомнить на стр. 245

Выполнение упражнения 5 на стр. 176
Cut Out ) Выбрать правильный плащ для дракоши.

Кто лучше знает формы англ. глагола

Can -------------
-------- did
have --------------
hear --------------
--------- made
--------- thought
catch -------
-------- ate
come ---------
buy ---------
------ got
give --------
------ went

Как зовут помощника в этом городе ? Did Он работает для образования вопросительных и отрицательных предложений.
Задание. Составить вопросительные и отрицательные предложения из данных повествовательных:

I worked yesterday.
We watched TV yesterday.
He played computer games yesterday. (
Дети записывают предложения на доске )

Now, let’s make a story about your spring vacation.
How did you spend your free time during spring vacation?

Pupil 1: I liked my spring vacation. I watched TV, walked with my friends, played computer games, read
books, rode a bike.

4. Let’s have a rest: ( Физкультминутка )

Up – down, up – down
Which is the way
To London town ?
Where – where ?
Up in the air
Close your eyes
And you are there….
5. Teacher:

The second country we are going to visit is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
This is the flag of the UK. Nearly 60 million people live there. All people use English languge. The symbol
of Great Britain is rose. The capital of Great Britain is London. We will speak about London, the main
sights, traditions of English people. What can you say about London?

Pupil 2:
It is a very old city. It was born more than two thousand yeas ago. It stands on the river Thames. About
seven million people live here.
6. Teacher: Let’s work with the map of London. Look at the map, please.
- Find the famous parks of London.
They are Holland Park, Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Green Park, Regents’ Park (the London Zoo is
- Find the famous London bridges.
They are Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge.
- Find the main sightseeing of London.
The Natural History Museum ( Here you can learn about the history of plants, animals, minerals.
They have the best collection of dinosaurs in the world here.)
Trafalgar Square ( Here we can see Nelson’s column )
St. Paul’s Cathedral ( It was build by Christopher Wren )
Westminster Abbey ( It is a royal church, a very old museum. Here we can see the Coronation
Buckingham Palace ( Here is the London home of the Queen )
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben ( a famous clock in the world )
The Tower of London ( Once a fortress, a prison, and a royal palace. Now it’s a museum. )

Look at the picture, please.
The Tower of London consists of many Towers. They are

- the Crown Jewels ( Here we can see the world famous British Crown Jewels) ,
- the White Tower (It contains a Royal Armouries’ exhibition of armour.It is a museum of guns) ,
- Tower Green ( The most famous prisoners were beheaded here.)
- Traitor’s Gate is the main gate ,
- Beefeaters the yeoman warders, raven masters , they wear black and red clothes and big hats,
they melt the guests of the Tower? Make excursions, look after the ravens, give them food,
- the Ravens are one of the most famous sights at the Tower of London, they live in the gardens of the
Tower now. The English people like them very much. Legend says if the Ravens leave the Tower, the
monarchy will fall.

So the Tower was a prison, a fortress, a royal palace, a royal zoo, now it’s a museum.

7. Этап аудирования.
Teacher: Now listen to the text “The Tower of London”, answer the question and retell the text.
Текст для аудирования:
The Tower of London.

The T. of L. is a very old building in London. It’s nine hundred years old. The T. of L. stands on the
Thames. The English kings lived in the Tower. Then it was a prison, where many people died. Black
ravens had much food near the walls of the Tower in those years.
The black ravens like in the gardens of the Tower now. The English people like them very much.
A man looks after the ravens and gives them meat in the morning and in the evening is a beefeater.
Now the Tower of London is a museum and many people from other countries come to see it. In the
museum they can see many old guns.

Let’s answer the questions, please.
1. How old is the Tower of London?
2. Where does the Tower of London stand?
3. Who lived in the Tower?
4. Where do the ravens live?
5. Why did ravens live near the Tower?
6. Who looks after the ravens?
7. What can people see at the Tower?

На доске лексика по тексту:
tower -
the Tower -
king -
prison -
to die -
raven -
gun -
guards -
to lock -
закрывать на замок

8. Now let’s do the test, please.
1. Big Ben is a palace,
a bell (clock)
a square
a church
2. The Queen lives in the Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
3. Nowadays the Tower of London is
a fortress
a prison
a royal palace
a museum
4. The country government seats at
Buckingham Palace
Houses of Parliament
Hyde Park
5. The royal church is St. Paul’s Cathedral
Henry VII Chapel
Westminster Abbey
6. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument of
the Queen of England
sir Christopher Wren
Admiral Nelson
7. Nowadays Beefeaters are guards

9. Ролевые игры.
Let’s make dialogues
Pupil 1 –
Здравствуйте! Как мне пройти на Чеаринг Кросс?
Pupil 2 - Это недалеко от Трафальгарской Площади. Идите вверх по улице, поверните на лево. Вы
Pupil 1 – Спасибо !
Pupil2 - Пожалуйста!

P. 1 – Hello !
P.2 - Hello!
P.1 - How can I get Chearing Cross, please?
P.2 - It’s not far from Trafalgar Square. Go up the street, turn left and you are there.
.1 –Thank you.
P.2 – You are welcome.

Pupil 3 - Извините, как мне пройти до Гайд Парка ?
Pupil 4 - Идите вниз по улице, поверните на право, пройдите мимо банка, вы на месте.
Pupil 3 - Спасибо!
Pupil 4 - Пожалуйста !

Pupil 3 – Excuse me, how do I get to Hyde Park?
Pupil 4 - Go down the street, turn right, go pass the Bank, you are there.
Pupil 3 – Thanks a lot!
Pupil 4 – You are welcome!

10. Now let’s read the dialogue. Open your books at page 204, Ex.6
“ In the Tower of London.”
Распределение ролей. Чтение текста, перевод, ответы на вопросы.

Where is Rob?
Is he alone ?
Why is Rob in the Tower of London?
Why did Rob had to turn?

11. Teacher: Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work. I wish you to visit London some day and see all the sights with your own eyes ! Good bye!


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