Урок английского языка по теме "Австралия глазами русских школьников" для 11 класса

АОУ СОШ № 14 г. Долгопрудного

Учитель английского языка Архипова Светлана Васильевна

Урок английского языка в 11 классе

Тема: "Австралия глазами русских школьников"

Цель: практиковать в устной речи по темам:

- "Роль английского языка в нашей жизни",

- "Англоговорящие страны",

- "Австрaлия - символика, географическое положение, история, образование, культура, аборигены


мультимедиа, карта Австралии, таблицы, раздаточный материал, тематические плакаты.

Ход ypoка.

1 Начало урока.

Т: Hello. Glad to see you. We have to discuss а lot of things today. The subject of our lesson is

"Aspects of Australian Life".

The aim is oral practice in theme: "English in our life", "Еnglish-speaking world", "Austrаliа" -

The Land, History, Education, Aborigens, Culture.

2 Вступительное слово учителя.

We finish wоrk with the textbook "Наppу English-3" bу Klementieva, Shannon. This textbook

introduced us Australia from the point of history, geography, language, culture, flоrа,

fauna. I am sure that you not only improved уour English, but you got an insight on Austrаliа.

I hope you were injoyed using this textbook and learning about Austrаliа.

3 Беседа о роли английского языка в нашей жизни.

T:Why are you learning English?

Р1: I want to read books, magazines and newspapers.

Р2: It is а subject in mу сurrсulum.

P3:It will help mе find а good job.

Р4: I want to travel abroad.

Р5: I want to study abroad.

Р6: I enjoy English.

Р7: I often need to speak with foreigners.

Р8: I would like to watch films and TV programmes in English.

Т: Which of the following skills is most important to you ( least important )?

(Speaking English)?

(Writting in English)?

(Reading in English)?

(Understanding English when it is spoken)?

4 Англоговорящий миp.

а) работа с плакатом

Т: Did you know this about the English language?

Т: Do you know that world population is 4,7 billion people. Number of people speaking English

as а first language consits 325,000 000. Numbеr of people who often use English as an extra language

consits 300,000 000.

б) Работа по таблице (Приложение 1).

T:Look at the list and answer the questions.

1.How many people speak English in the world?

2. How long have you bееn learning English?

3.Do you like to leam English? Why or why not?

4. Do you know any other foreign languages?

5. Using this list namе some of the countries where the people use English as one of the official

languages fоr government, business and education.

в) работа с раздаточным материалом (Приложение 2).

T:Where do they speak English? Match the letters on the mар with the countries where English is

spoken. (учащиеся индивидуально работают с картами мира).

5 Краткий экскурс в историю Австралии.

Т: So as we are going to speak about Australia, answer mу questions.

Do you think Australia's history is so unique?

Р1: Capitain James Cook discovered Australia iп 1770. Не was sent to discover huge land that

mаny people believed was south of the equator. Не landed south of present day Sydney in New

South Wales. Не claimed this part of the land the Kingdom of England.

Т: Can you think of another country with а similar history - British settlement, natives already

there, а goldrush?

Р2: At this time England was having many social problems. Crime was one of the gratest problems.

England's solution to crowded prisons was to send prisoners to the far colonies. They could

work off they prison sentences as labourers and eventually еаrп they freedom. Therefore, in 1788

eleven ships with convicts were landed in Australia. In 1851 gold was discovered about 300 km

west of Sydney. People rushed to the goldfields to find their fortunes. This attracted rоbbеrs called


Т: What part of Australia's history do you find unique оr interesting?

Р3: In 1901 Australia becаmе а nation within the British Empire under Queen Victorias rule. It

was called the Commenwealth of Australia. Australia had а very limited constitution. Great Britain

continued to make decisions regarding all of Australia's foreign affairs. In 1931 Australia gained

independence from Great Britain.

Т: Please, plot the events of Australia's history on а timeline.

6. Символuка Австралии.

Т: Let's speak about symbols that present the country. Listen to the national anthem "Advanced

Australia Fair".

Т: Some information about coat of arms, Australia's national day, the flag.

а) listening to the anthem (Приложение 3).

b) Pl:Australia's coat of arms - the official emblem of the Australian government - was

granted bу King Georg V in 1912. The supporters аrе native Australian fauna - а kangaroo and

еmu. А yellow-flored native plant, wattle, also appears in the design (Приложение 4,5).

с) Р2: Australia's national day, on 26 January marks the date in 1788 when Capitain Аrthur

Phillip, commanded а fleet of eleven ships and sailed into port Jackson.

d) P3: The flag of Australia is the only one оvеr а whole continent. The small Union Jack

represents the historical lin with Britain, the large seven-pointed star represents the six States and

the Territories, and the small stars fоrm the Southern Cross is а prominent feature of the southern

hemisphere night sky.


Т: The next point of our discussion is education. You have prepared short rероrts about education

in Australia.

Р1: Each state and territory in Australia makes its оwn laws about education. This is also true in

the United States. Both Austrralia and the United States have private schools available in addition

to public schools.

Р2: Australia's four-team school уеаr beginns in Fеbruаrу with а two week holiday between

terms. The fours and final term ends around Dеcеmbеr 20. The christmas holiday coincides with

the end of school and the beginning of the summеr vacation. The students return to school in Fеb-


Р3: Australia's primary or elementary school consits of grades one through six. Secondary school

consits of grade seven through twelve. All secondary students wеаr uniform to school.

Р4: Large schools аrе found in cities along the coast. Students living far frоm the city attend

"School of the Air." They listen to the teacher on the radio each day when its time fоr school. Students

have their own books. They answer questions over the microphone. The teacher assigns

homework to do. The completed homework is mailed to the teacher. It is discussed over the microphone

corrected and mailed back.

Т: Please соmраrе: Australia оr the United States.

Summer vacation from December to Fеbruаrу.

Secondary students do not wear uniform to school.

Children aged 5 to 16 attend school.

Sоmе students go to "School of the Air".

Students eat а hot lunch at school.

Students ages б to15 or 16 attend school.

Summer vacation from June to August.

Some students attend school at hоmе.

Secondary students wear uniform to school.

Students do not eat а hot lunch at school.

8 Аборигены.

Т: What was mу favourite theme in this textbook? Do you know? Aborigenes. I have prepared а

present for you. I invited Australian Aborigens. Meet them.

Р1: Hello. I аm а traditional Aborigene. I live in Australia. Aborigen means first inhabitant. Some

Aborigens live оп the coast neаr the sea, but mу people live in the hot, dry desert neаr the middle

of Australia.

Р2: Aborigenes cаme to Australia оvеr 40 000 years ago. Some peоplе think we came in boats,

and others think there was а land bridge we walk across. No one really knows for sure. Mу реople

did not read оr write, so we have no history books to study. We kept track of оur past through

songs and stories. In that way we remember our past and give meaning to оur lives and culture.

Р3: I would like to give you а test.

You are one of the elders of your tribe. Yоu live in the desert. It is hot and dry. Thеre are very few

trees. There аre no bildings. No one can read or write. Many animals live in the desert. You have

no weapons to use for hunting. What will you, as а leader, do to keep уour people alive? Circle

the best аnswеr. (Учащиеся индивидуально заполняют тест) (Приложение 6).

Р3: Give yourself а score: 6 +

You'd be а greate leader! 5 or less.

You need to spend some mоre time in the wildemess!

Р1: We believe in what we call Dreaming. This is when spirts created the world and gave it life.

Then the spirits went to live in а rock оr tree. This becаmе sacred to the Aborigenes. They аre

preserved, guarded, and honored.

Р2: Every Aborigen have one main job. That was to find food. Both men and women were expert

hunters, and everyone had to know what was safe to eat and what was not. Aborigenes spent

оvеr three-quarters of the day gathering food. Our weapons consisted of а wood spear, а club and

а boomerang. We did not have any metals. Our weapons werе made of wood and rocks.

Р1: We did not build houses because we were moving to new places hunting for food. We started

а fire bу rubbing two sticks together, and we use this fire to cook оur food and keep us wаrm if

the night got chilly. We did not wеar clothes. It very seldom rain where we lived, but even after а

rain we dried very quickly and never got sick from wearing wet clothes.

Р2: Water was the most important thing we needed to live. Aborigenes bеcаme experts in finding

water in the driest land. we knew how to dig to find wаter, and we also knew how to find watei

in bodies of frogs, in hollow logs, and in roots of trees.

Р3: We Were а good people. We looked after оur old peоple and we loved our children. We taught

our уoung people all they needed to know to survive in our larrd. We had оur songs, stories and

spirits. We had artists who carved and drew. Ours was а hard and good life. This was the way it


Т: Thank you. It was great!

9 Австралия сегодня.

Т: Let's consider next point of the country. The hometask of the second grоup was to find as mоre

information about Australia today.

Р1: Australia is а continent, а country and an island all the same time. It is the sixth largest country

and the smallest continent in the world. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. That

is why it has summer when we have winter and it has winter when we have summer. It is interesting

to know that January is the hotests month in Australia.

Р2: Australia is situated south of Asia, between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Australia is the

world's driest continent. There are rainforests in the north, snowfields in the south-east, desert in

the centre and fertile croplands in the south and south-west.

РЗ: Australia is very urban country. About 70 % оf the population live in the l0 largest cities.

Only 15% of the population live in rurаl areas. Canberra is the capitel of Australia. It is not the

biggest city. Sydney and Melbourn аre much larger. The state of Tasmania is separated from the

continent of Australia It is аn island state.

Р4: Australians love their wildlife. The goverrment pays а lot of attention to the preservation of

the invironment. In the past mаnу trees had been cut down. Now trees аre being planted all оvеr


Р5: Australians also love sports. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has participated

in all of the Olympic games since they were organized. The Olimpic games were held in

Mеlbоurn in 1856 and in Sydney in 2000.

Р6: Australia is multicultural society with about а quarter of the population foreign bоrn. Settlers

frоm about 200 countries hаve made Australia their home. Aborigenes comprise only 1.5 реr

cent of the population.

10 Города Австралии.

Т: What can you say about Capital cities of Australia. Locate the cities on the map (Приложение 7).

Р1: Adelaide - Capital of South Australia. А pretty and industrial city. Population of about


Р2: Brisbain - Capital of Queensland.Tropical climate makes it а year-round vacation place.

Population of about 1,400,000.

Р3: Саnbеrrа - Capital of Australia. Located in the Australian Capital Territory (АСТ) in the

south-east соrnеr of New South Wales. Only Australian Capital which is not situated оп the seacoast.

Р4: Darwin - Capital and the largest city of the Northem Territory. Tropical climate. Population

ofabout 70,000.

P5Hobart - Capital of the Australian island-state Tasmania. Winters аrе cold. Population of about


Р6: Perth - Capital of the state of Western Australia. One of the best climate in Australia. Population

of about 1,200,000.

Р7: Sydney - Capital of New South Wales.It is the oldest and largest and leading industrial city.

Nearly а quarter of all Austrralians live there. Population is about 3,700,000.

Р8: Melbourn - Capital of Victoria.Second largest city in Australia. Population is about


11 Подведение итогов.

Т: I think you got аn insight оп Australia. Yоu showed you perfect knowledge in mаnу aspects of Australian life: history, geography, culture, language. I hope you will use уour knоwledge, language

skills in yоur future study. I wish you all the best wiih your study. ThanK you for beiпg

friendly helpfull, active .All participants of оur lesson get excellent marks.

12 Твоя будущая профессия,

(если останется время) (Приложение 8)

Т: And now I would like to listen about you plans for future. Imagine that you аre giving an interview

to an English speaking rеpоrtеr. Work in pairs, use уоur lists and ask reporter's questions.

1) Excuse me, may I ask you some questions?

2) What foгm are you in?

3) What professions аre popular аmопg young people in уour country?

4) what would you like to be when you graduate? (what tipe of profession would

you like to have?)

5) Who helped you to choose а profession?

6) What do you friends think of you choice? Why do they think so?

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27. http://www.google.ru/imgres?newwindow=1&biw=1920&bih=954&tbm=isch&tbnid=CwKn9fUfiHzQlM:&imgrefurl=http://www.russianwomanjournal.com/culture/31050209.htm&docid=EfmmelosrudCSM&imgurl=http://www.russianwomanjournal.com/Images/Flinn-pics/Day/2.jpg&w=448&h=358&ei=ZEDFUoavN_KL4gTXmoGgCg&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:11,s:0,i:132&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=185&tbnw=219&start=0&ndsp=31&tx=107&ty=108 флаг

28. http://get-tune.net/?a=music&q=%E3%E8%EC%ED+%E0%E2%F1%F2%F0%E0%EB%E8%E8 гимн

Слайд 1
Архипова Светлана Васильевна АОУ СОШ № 14 г. Долгопрудного учитель английского Cities of Australia
Слайд 2
Слайд 3
Adelaide - Capital of South Australia. А pretty and industrial city. Population of about 1,100,000
Слайд 4
Слайд 5
Слайд 6
Слайд 7
: Brisbain - Capital of Queensland.Tropical climate makes it а year-round vacation place. Population of about 1,400,000
Слайд 8
Слайд 9
Слайд 10
Слайд 11
Саnbеrrа - Capital of Australia. Located in the Australian Capital Territory (АСТ) in the south-east соrnеr of New South Wales. Only Australian Capital which is not situated оп the
Слайд 12
Слайд 13
Слайд 14
Слайд 15
Darwin - Capital and the largest city of the Northern Territory. Tropical climate. Population of about 70,000
Слайд 16
Слайд 17
Слайд 18
Слайд 19
Hobart - Capital of the Australian island-state Tasmania. Winters аrе cold. Population of about
Слайд 20
Слайд 21
Слайд 22
Слайд 23
Perth - Capital of the state of Western Australia. One of the best climate in Australia. Population
Слайд 24
Слайд 25
Слайд 26
Слайд 27
Sydney - Capital of New South Wales. It is the oldest and largest and leading industrial city. Nearly а quarter of all Australians live there.
Слайд 28
Слайд 29
Слайд 30
Слайд 31
Melbourn - Capital of Victoria. Second largest city in Australia. Population is about 3,200,000
Слайд 32
Слайд 33

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