"Обучение за границей" (Studying abroad), Английский язык 8-11 классы, тема "Молодёжь, чем мы живем?"

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Read the text:

Studying abroad

Studying abroad, lots of students live in homestay accommodation. Homestay means staying with a local family, which gives students a very good opportunity to learn and practice their English in everyday situations. Daily communication with local people also helps you understand the culture of the country. If you stay with a family, you have a private room with necessary furniture: a bed, a table or a desk, and a wardrobe for your clothes. You have meals (breakfast and dinner) with the family.

It is natural that when you stay with a family, you have to observe some rules of co-existence. They could be like these:

  1. Behave like a member of the family (which means you should keep your room tidy and help with housework).

  2. Wash and iron your clothes. And don’t forget to ask your hosts if you can use the wasting machine.

  3. Do not use the bathroom for too long. If you use the kitchen, don’t forget to wash the dishes after it.

  4. Speak English as much as possible. Be polite and friendly with everyone in the family.

  5. Never invite your friends without asking for permission.

  6. Remember that you should come home by the appointed hour in the evening. Don’t stay out till late hours.

Staying in a youth hostel is another option for students studying abroad. You can have a single room or can share a room with one or two other students. The kitchen and the bathroom are usually used on a shared basis. That’s why its very important to keep them clean and tidy. You can cook meals yourself or eat in a students café.

In the youth hostel you can meet lots of new friends from different countries. They will possibly help you with your lessons and you can have lots of fun together. Youth hostels also end to have more of a party atmosphere and often organize entertainment to help you make friends and enjoy your stay. There are usually opportunities for doing sports. For example, you can hire a bicycle or play games in the sports grounds. Staying in a youth hostel is usually less expensive than other options.

II. Answer the questions:

  1. One of the advantages of homestay accommodation is the opportunity to learn about local peoples culture and lifestyle.

a. true b. false c. not statement

  1. Pets are never allowed in homestay accommodation.

a. true b. false c. not statement

  1. The host family must provide the student with a private room and necessary furniture.

a. true b. false c. not statement

  1. Someone from the host family cooks breakfast and dinner for the student, washes up, washes and irons the student’s clothes.

a. true b. false c. not statement

5. If a student chooses homestay accommodation, he or she can not invite friends into the house.

a. true b. false c. not statement

6. Students who live in youth hostels may live in single rooms but they usually share the kitchen and the bathroom.

a. true b. false c. not statement

7. Most students prefer youth hostels to homestay accommodation.

a. true b. false c. not statement

  1. Write which form of accommodation – homestay or youth hostel – you find more convenient. Use the guidelines:

Present your point of view

Give some arguments for it

Give some arguments against it ( if any)

Confirm your point of view


Текст работы адаптирован к школьной программе и составлен на основе текста, опубликованного в Учебнике английского языка для Российских школ под редакцией О. Виноградовой в соавторстве с Эндрю Литтлджон и Дианой Хикс, издательство «Дрофа», 2003 год, с. 63-54, упр. 5.

Вопросы и задания к адаптированному тексту составлены мною, Романенковой Ольгой Леонидовной.

Полный текст материала "Обучение за границей" (Studying abroad), Английский язык 8-11 классы, тема "Молодёжь, чем мы живем?" смотрите в скачиваемом файле.
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