Разработка экскурсии по школе для иностранных студентов на английском языке

Экскурсия по школе для иностранных студентов на английском языке

Guides: Hello! Welcome to Gymnasium (number) which specializes in Russian and foreign languages.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are students of the … form – …(names). Today we are going to take you on a tour of our school. The school is situated not very far from the center of the city. It is not very big, but quite modern and cosy.

The standard of education in our school is very high. We are proud of our graduates. Our graduates live and work in Russia and abroad. They are teachers and doctors, writers and scientists, workers and officers. There are many famous people among our graduates.

We are going to start our excursion around the school from the Media center, where you can get access to the internet and study or work on a computer. Over there you can see a stage where we give performances related to different events. We act in various plays, sing songs, recite poetry, dance, and participate in academic competitions.

Let’s continue our excursion and visit our library. It is popular both with the pupils and the teachers. There is a wonderful choice of fiction, as well as factual and reference books, dictionaries, atlases and encyclopedias there. We can find major Russian magazines and newspapers   there, too.

The next room is the Biology classroom. There is also a laboratory where we keep all the necessary equipment for science projects and laboratory works.

Room (number) is the Information Technology classroom. We learn programming languages, do different class projects here, sometimes we play quizzes on the interactive board. Our students like spending their free time in this classroom, as nowadays it’s impossible to imagine our life without computers.

Let’s go to the next classroom, where we study Maths. Here you can see different models of geometric figures and find Algebra and Geometry textbooks.

In the next room (number) we study History and Social studies but there is also an interesting exhibition here, and your guide … (name) is going to tell you about the exhibits.

The History Classroom

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in our History classroom.

You know that those who don’t remember their history have no future. We carefully collect archaeological finds, so here you can see some results of our work. Our historic exhibition displays some part of the Russian izba. Although most Russians now live in modern flats, every Russian still knows what an izba is. Izba is a traditional log hut and the main dwelling type for Russian peasants. It’s impossible to imagine the izba without a stove. The very name of “izba” comes from the stove: in early Russian “izba” meant “the one being heated”. Stoves made of brick or clay were placed on a separate base, so that the house wouldn’t lean to its side. Inside the stove base, dishes and cookware were stored. An old Russian stove had no cooking range on top – it was a heating device that doubled as an oven. It was fired only once a day in the morning and that worked as a heat capacitor for the rest of the day. In the evening, the stove was still comfortably warm, so its top was used as the coziest sleeping place in the izba.

Here you can also see a poker. It is a long metal stick for moving the coal or wood in a fire so that it burns better.

This is an oven fork for putting dishes into the oven and taking them out.

By the way, Russian stove was used for different needs, from heating and cooking food to sleeping on it and washing it and also for washing, warming up the samovar, drying mushrooms and berries.

This is a washboard – a tool used for handwashing clothes. It appeared at the beginning of the 19th century.

Look at the yoke. It is a frame fitting over the neck and shoulders of a person, used for carrying pails or baskets.

This is an old iron. A hundred years ago irons were made of solid metal. They were set to warm (usually on an open fire) and then used to press clothes. 

And this is our special pride. You see authentic suits on these mannequins - a man's shirt and a girl's dress. They belong to the beginning of the 20th century. They were worn in the north of the Nizhny Novgorod province. Young girls wore red dresses, and married women wore navy blue or black sundresses.

That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you very much for listening so attentively.

Guides: Now let’s go to classroom (number) – the Russian language classroom. If you are interested in anything about our language you can ask about it here.

Now we are going to the left to get to our center of German culture. Here your guide is … (name). We invite you to learn German and find out more about German culture with us in this center.

The center of German culture

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in the center of German culture.

You know that our school is a language immersion one, where foreign languages, foreign culture and foreign values predominate. Each student learns two foreign languages. Everybody studies English and should choose the other one from German, Italian and French. In this center we learn the German language. Our teacher encourages us to immerse ourselves into the German culture and national traditions. In our lessons we often read German fiction and the latest newspapers and magazines and exchange e-mails with our German friends.

As you can see, the center is well and fully-equipped for learning the language. We can travel around the country with the help of German maps. Besides, we can get acquainted with the counties’ sights. In class there is always a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, so we learn new words, watch German films, listen to German music and sing German songs ourselves with great pleasure. Also we do various projects and take part in academic competitions, getting good results. So we hope we achieve significant progress in the language.

Guides: If we take a few steps up, we’ll get to the third floor. Now we are going to the center of British and American culture. Let me introduce your guide around the center – this is … (name).

The center of British and American culture

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in the center of British and American culture.

It is common knowledge that English is an international language. So in this center our students improve their linguistic and communicative competence and advance their knowledge about British and American culture. Our teachers help us not only learn the language profoundly, but also conduct research, project and volunteer activities in this field, and take part in various students’ exchange programmes.

This center is also a resource one. If you look around, you will see much fiction and poetry, newspapers and magazines, video in English and even additional material on English writing, speaking, grammar and phonetics.

British center is a leisure center. Here our students often participate in poetry readings, regional geography quizzes, foreign song’s competitions, they draw wall newspapers, study foreign literature, American and British history, do projects on different fascinating topics, write e-mails to their foreign friends and just relax.

In a word, if you want to enhance your knowledge of English and just enjoy your time with friends, come here as often as possible.

Guides: The whole third floor is used for classrooms of elementary school, so they can comfortably study in one room and have enough time to rest during breaks.

There is one more interesting room here – the center of Chinese culture. I think our guide … (name) will give you some useful information about the center. Please, come in.

The center of Chinese culture

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in our center of Chinese culture.

In our school Chinese is an optional subject. It is not compulsory for the students to attend tutorials in Chinese. Despite this fact every year many students want to learn this difficult language.

In 2010 our school started cooperating with the Jinan School of Foreign Languages. Since then, our Chinese friends and we have been learning Russian and Chinese, the culture of our countries and traditions through correspondence between teachers and schoolchildren, on-line conferences and annual exchange visits to China. One of our teachers has been working in Jinan for 5 years. A few years ago a Chinese teacher (a native speaker) worked in our school for 2 years. She did her best to cultivate love for the Chinese language in our students.

Here you can see big posters that symbolize our friendly connection between the two cities. Now look at these photos. In them our learners and teachers are trying to share and experience the Chinese culture.

The center is quite well-equipped. As you can see there are posters with the most important grammatical rules of the Chinese language. Also here we have a small but useful library. It provides our students with contemporary literature for educational and leisure purposes.

In a word, our students learn Chinese hieroglyphics with great pleasure. We hope that you’ll want to try it too.

Guides: Follow us, please. There is a museum, called The Museum of Fighting Glory. It is related to the events of The Great Patriotic War. In the museum your guide is … (name).

The Museum of Fighting Glory

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in the Museum of Fighting Glory.

The museum was founded on May 7, 1979 in our school.

As you probably know, Nizhny Novgorod land is rich in revolutionary, fighting and labor events. Our city took part in the defense of our homeland during the Second World War.

When the Great Patriotic War started in 1941, our students’ grandfathers and great-grandfathers went to fight for their Motherland. Many of them died. Here you can see an exhibition which displays their letters from the front line, bullet and shell casings, helmets, photos of the war years and official papers of our soldiers. There are also some wartime clothes, for example a soldier’s cloak and coat which helped our grandfathers to keep warm.

In 1942 in our school the 35th Tank Brigade was formed. It fought its way to Berlin and received a significant number of awards.

We are very proud of our defenders and we are sure to keep them in our memory while alive.

Guides: Now we are going two floors lower to get to classroom (number) the workroom. Normally boys work here, making useful things and crafts from wood. There are many tools that can be used to saw, plane and so on. Our boys also do some pyrography burning images into wood. Our girls are envious.

The next door leads into the gym. It is not very big, but there is enough space to play games like volleyball, to do gymnastics and other physical exercises. Our students like to go here even after the lessons because the gym has a lot of sports equipment.

Let’s continue our excursion and go to the center of Russian culture. Your guide … (name) is sure to give you some details about the center.

The center of Russian culture

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in the center of Russian culture.

Every year many school students from different countries come to our city. The center tries to preserve Russian culture for the enjoyment of future generations. It helps to promote the Russian language and culture worldwide and develop and maintain positive relations with other countries through cooperation with partner schools abroad, online conferences and face-to-face meetings. Besides our center organizes exhibitions devoted to Russian culture and traditions.

The center hosts several exciting events throughout the year including for example literary readings. We often read extracts from Russian classical literature together with our foreign friends.

The Russian cultural center implements various projects. The most famous ones are «Nizhny Novgorod Land”, “Literary Nizhny”, “My fate in the Russian history” and what not. While doing projects, our students work with archive records, meet well-known people and thus broaden their knowledge of the mother tongue. So, it’s easier for us to share the necessary information with our guests. We are proud of our national traditions and always ready to help our guests to get to know us a bit better.

Guides: And the last room for today is the center of Italian culture. Let me introduce your guide – … (name).

The center of Italian culture

Hello! We are glad to welcome you here, in the center of Italian culture.

As you probably know, the Italian language is one of compulsory languages in our school. So every year many students choose to learn Italian. In this center the students study the language and get familiar with the Italian culture.

Our school participates in student exchange programmes. Every year our students visit Italy. Last time they went to your country in autumn and spent there two weeks. They studied the language, went sightseeing, communicated with native speakers and as a result greatly improved their knowledge. If you look at this wall, you’ll see a few posters with our international photos. As you can see, all of them show our young travelers in Italy and in Russia. Look at this picture – here is our gymnasium head teacher (name). And look at these beautiful plates – they are souvenirs from Sicily.

By the way, Russian students are interested not only in the Italian language, but also in the Italian culture. Have a look at this poster. Our students collected some information about the connoisseur of literature and outstanding Italian poet – Francesco Petrarca. We really enjoy and value your classical literature and poetry.

So, now you see that the relationship between Italian and Russian students is very friendly. This is exciting that we can visit each other despite the unstable situation in the modern world.

There is an international project between our countries called «Dissemination of the Italian language in Russia (P.R.I.A)». On this information poster you can read some details concerning the project. Our gymnasium has been a member of this project since 2007, so many students have already got a great international experience. And I hope, we’ll continue our friendship.

Thank you very much for listening so attentively. Our teacher of Italian – (name) – can give you any additional information you need.

Guides: At the end of our excursion we want to say that we are very proud of our school. Many talented and creative teachers and students work and study here. Every year our students become the winners of different academic competitions and enter the most prestigious educational institutions.

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