Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку; 4 класс

Контрольная работа

4 класс

Задание 1

Choose the odd one out :

1.radio /mobile phone/ keys

2.nurse /waiter/ pepper

3.lemon /butter/ concert

4.seal /whale/ sad

5.angry /tired/ winner

6.race /rest/ tortoise

7.museum /funfair/ flippers

8.mountains / seaside/ postman

9.sail / dive/ skate

10.gloves /coat/ violin

Задание 2

Choose the right answer:

1.He ……at the party last night.

a) sings

b) sang

2.Who is the ….student in the class?

a) loud

b) loudest

3. Gary is the ….singer.

a) better

b) best

4. Susan ….clean her room .

a) have to

b) has to

5. How ….flour do you need?

a) much

b) many

6. You …eat in the class.

a) must

b) mustn t

7. Monkeys …. trees .

a) climb

b) am climbing

8. Look! She ….. the lions.

a) is feeding

b) are feeding

9. Why ….running?

a) are you

b) did you

10. Bill ….at the circus yesterday.

a) were

b) was

Задание 3

Choose the right answer :

1. May I have your pen?

a) No, I am sorry, I need it.

b) He is a waiter.

2. What is your house number?

a) She is tall

b) Thirty-seven

3. What time is the English lesson?

a) At half past six

b) Yes, of course

4.When is your birthday ?

a) Not always

b) In July

5. Were you at work yesterday?

a) No, I wasn t

b) She cooked chicken

Задание 4

Read and complete. ( THEY, AFRICA, HAVE, BIG, FRUITS)

Then answer YES or NO:

Elephants are very …. animals. They …. got long tusks. They live in … and India. Elephants eat grass and …. from trees and ….. drink water during the day.

1. Elephants aren t big animals. YES/NO

2. Elephants live in Australia. YES/NO

3. Elephants drink water. YES/NO

4. Elephants eat fish. YES/NO

5. Elephants have got long tusks. YES/NO

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