Конспект урока английского языка "Good memory and attention as clues for memorization lexics"; 11 класс


The theme of the lesson:

Good memory and attention as clues

for memorization lexics

Цель урока:

  • Формирование у учащихся лексических и грамматических навыков по теме: «Память и внимание».

Задачи урока:


  • Расширить представления учащихся о роли различных видов памяти в речемыслительных процессах.

  • Сформировать навыки монологического высказывания по теме: «Память и внимание».

  • Обучить выполнению заданий в формате ЕГЭ по разделу «Чтение».


  • Обогатить словарный запас по теме: «Память и внимание».

  • Развить умения применять знания по теме: «Память и внимание» на практике.

  • Обеспечить усвоение учащимися взаимосвязи учебных предметов «Английский язык и Психология».


  • Воспитывать потребность в практическом использовании английского языка.

  • Воспитывать уважительное отношение к достижениям науки.

  • Сформировать мотивационные тенденции в процессе обучения ИЯ, используя как средство опыт сверстников.

  • Содействовать профессиональному самоопределению учащихся.

План урока.

I. Вступительное слово учителя.

II. Тема, цель и задачи урока Слайд 1 2 3

Good morning, students! Good morning, dear guests! My name is Julia, I am glad to see you at your lesson.

III. Мотивационный момент

History can give us a lot of examples of people owning a perfect memory from ancient times to nowadays. Let’s watch some of them.


I wonder if you know anything else about people with extraordinary memory.

I see, you know much about it. And how to make our brain work one hundred percent?

Everyone has asked himself this question at least once a life. Brain work influences on different domains of life. Consequently, every successful person tries to make his brain work maximally. Nowadays fast living culture demands constant and endless working with information, as we are living in so called era of information

Now you will be shown a picture with different images, you will be given 15 seconds to remember as much as possible and then to write them down.

IV. Проверка задания How many words have you written? (You can estimate the level of your memory and attention and compare your results with the statistics)

Let’s look at the diagram

As it can be seen, the criterion is memorability of definite objects. According to the diagram, the most memorable objects are the pen and the pin, as these things can be faced by everyone in daily routine.

The least memorable object is the ring, because this thing is used by people selectively.

V. Работа с текстом

Memory is a process, proceeding in our psyche and allowing brain to store, save and exhibit information. In other words, memory is an ability to memorize, reproduce and forget information.

Look at the screen where you can see different kinds of memory and their definitions, you are to match the columns:

  1. Inner memory reflects biological process of memorizing;

  2. External memory is concentrated on exterior facilities;

  3. Shaped memory is a process of memorizing images of different objects;

  4. Motional memory let people repeat experienced movements;

  5. Emotional memory is capacity to remember different kinds of feelings and emotions;

  6. Short-term memory encourages memorizing images after one-shot reception;

  7. Long-term memory is able to store images for long time;

  8. Operating memory keeps images which are essential for every day routine.

1. Inner memory

a) is able to store images for long time

2. External memory

b) encourages memorizing images after one-shot reception

3. Shaped memory

c) is capacity to remember different kinds of feelings and emotions

4. Motional memory

d) reflects biological process of memorizing

5. Emotional memory

e) keeps images which are essential for every day routine

6. Short-term memory

f) is a process of memorizing images of different objects

7. Long-term memory

g) is concentrated on exterior facilities

8. Operating memory

h) let people repeat experienced movements

Answers:1d 2g 3f 4h 5c 6b 7a 8e.

VI.Ознакомление с видами внимания

Attention is a process of concentration of personality on some abstract or concrete object at exact period of time

There are two kinds of attention, shown in a table:




Voluntary attention is characterized by conscious aim of memorizing something

Involuntary attention has another name «Passive». This name says everything by itself. It’s a process of memorizing something without specific aim because of different circumstances.

VII.Ознакомление с факторами влияющими на память и внимание

Factors, affecting human memory and attention

  1. Physical exercises.

Physical exercises are necessary for the whole organism. And brain is not exception. Because blood circulation improves mental operations, That’s why, people, ignoring sport practice, deprive themselves of increasing memory level.

  1. Sufficient relaxing of brain.

It’s needless to say, that every person requires qualitative relaxing. That’s why, having a rest gives our brain an opportunity to have a break. It means, after this, human brain can work actively.

  1. Products, stimulating brain work.

It is not a secret, that special products can influence on every system of our organism, including brain work. You will be given sheets of paper with texts.

VIII. Работа с текстом

А) Read and match the subheadings to the paragraphs. There is one extra subheading:

  1. Breakfast for a hard day.

  2. How to increase your intellect.

  3. The same shape.

  4. The influence of colours on memory.

  5. Vitamin B12.

  6. Two apples a day.

There are different kinds of nuts such as almond, hazelnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts and pine nuts. But the most useful ones are supposed to be walnuts. Even the shape of this nut reminds brain construction. But it is not important peculiarity. Containing vitamins of B group and E distinguishes walnuts from other kinds.

Element B12 is contained in milk. Therefore, it helps the process of memorizing. Some scientists recommend to drink two glasses of milk daily.

Honey has been always featured by its usefulness for human organism. Any way exactly glucose in formation of honey gives a capability to remember necessary information. Some people assume, that the best breakfast before hard brain activity is cereal with a spoon of honey.

Seaweed is useful for big quantity of iodine, that has positive influence on brain work. It is capable to increase IQ level.

The well-known product for improving memory is believed to be fish. And the logical question is asked: “Is it myth or truth, that fish possesses magical features to restore memory and improve it wholly?” In reality Omega 3, phosphorus and vitamin of group B in total elevate brain’s abilities for operating. According to this, fish and seafood should be consumed regularly by everyone, especially by those, who relate to hard brain activity.

One piece of lemon, put to a cup of tea, is enough for making your memory start working.

It is considered, blue and purple berries (blueberry, blackberry, plum) improve memory better than other ones. In spite of this fact a strawberry is necessary for mental activity as well, because of big quantity of vitamin C.

Speaking of these products, it can be concluded, that consumption of them will lead to efficient mental work. Memory is a significant psychological element of brain activity as well as attention. Above enumerated products contribute improving memory and attention, which will be analyzed by us below.

IX.Практические задания

Practice of brain exercises.

Not everyone possesses phenomenal memory. But various ways of it’s improving exist. Practicing different exercises can lead to successful results. The easiest way is reading and learning poems by heart. The more texts and poems we learn, the more we improve our memory.

Developing of attention is as important as developing of memory.

Different exercises encourage the improving both memory and attention. We will do some of them. Practical tasks:

Certainly, it is not the only means to increase attention degree. The following method can be also handy as well. You are given phrases, which hide English people’s names. These names are combined with parts of words.

For instance:

Let’s try do it.

Exercise 1.

  1. Tomorrow we’ll have a lecture.

  2. He is older than you are.

  3. The students tell amazing stories every lesson.

  4. It was simple wisdom of our ancestors.

  5. Is it a rod or a cane?

  6. The sculpture was made of crystal ice.

  7. Small ants are so hardworking.

  8. I like this jam, especially cooked by you.

  9. She was so physically well built.

10. He runs as fast as his father.


  1. Alec

  2. Isolde

  3. Stella

  4. Lewis

  5. Dora

  6. Alice

  7. Allan

  8. James

  9. Sophy

  10. Stas

As it was mentioned, this exercise concentrated your attention properly.

So, it really works well. The efficiency of these exercises has been proved practically. However, it is not the only way to develop the personality mentally.

Exercise 2.

Imagine the situation, where you were asked to buy definite quantity of products, and there is no opportunity to write a special list. you will be explained some easy ways, how to cope with this trouble.

Look at the screen. For example: You should buy spaghetti, milk, sugar and eggs.

You should do the same with another products, which you will see in the next slide.

Let us practice how to cope with buying these products: We will work in groups.

1 Draw a picture.

2 Make up a story.

3.Use the first letter from the names of products you are to buy and make up a word for better remembering.

Well done. All the teams were creative in drawing pictures, making up stories. You were very attentive in finding the hidden names.

X.Закрепление материала.

Look at the screen.

You should say what things influence on factors affecting human attention and memory

in a positive way and which ones in a negative way.

You have 3 minutes to sum everything up, do it in groups and then one student of your team will represent it.

Factors, affecting human attention and memory influence

Bad influence

on attention and memory


Taking this information into account, one can conclude, that importance of these factors is great. That’s why it is possible to improve or impair level of concentration by everyone.

XI. Рефлексия.

Look at this saying written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. How is it connected with our lesson?

Own only what you carry with you: know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag”. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

XII Домашняя работа.


Make up a leaflet, paying attention to all the factors affecting human attention. You should write what to do or not to do for it.

XIII. Подведение итогов.

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