Сценка к уроку английского языка "Трудности перевода"; 4 класс

Трудности перевода 
Сценка для 4 класса 
Авторы: Учителя английского языка Лицей №1537 
Рудая Д.А., Овсянникова Н.Ю. 
Действующие лица
• Teacher 
• Class (Students) 
• Unsuccessful student 
• Successful student 
In the classroom 
Teacher: Good morning, children! 
Students: Good morning, good morning, good morning to you. Good morning, dear teacher, we are glad to see you. 
T: What day is it today? 
S: Today is .. 
T: What date is it today? 
S: Today is.. 
T: Who is absent today? 
S: (they answer) 
T: Let’s revise our vocabulary: 
Sink, cupboard, glasses 
(There are some successful and an unsuccessful student in the class. Unsuccessful student has some difficulties. He doesn’t know the answers.) 

(At the end of the lesson) 
Ok. Now open your diary, please. (Students open their diaries. Unsuccessful student opens the dairy everyone is puzzled.) 

In 20 years. 
Unsuccessful Student is in the company. He is applying for a job. He is surprised as the Boss (of the company) is his classmate (successful student). 
U.S: Wow! Haven’t seen you for ages! You are a big boss now! 
S.S.: Yes, I am. Very glad to see you again. 
U.S.: How are things? 
S.S.: What a shame! Have no time at all! Let’s meet and talk tonight! 
U.S. (He is puzzled as he misunderstood his classmate and thought about 2 knights) 
S.S.: So, what’s your work experience? You worked for a ship company, didn’t you? 
U.S. (He is puzzled again as he thought about sheep company) 
S.S.: Oh! I think you are a good guy, but not a good worker. 
U.S. sighs: I wish I studied harder at school. 

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