Конспект урока английского языка "Планирование бюджета на английском языке"


Урок «Планирование бюджета» на английском языке

Alignment to Budgeting Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to

Describe the relationship between gross and net income

Become familiar with vocabulary needed to budget appropriately

Describe the difference between budgetary needs and wants and how

these change from person to person

Assess their own values in order to create a monthly budget for their

discretionary spending



How Do I Budget?

Maria thought back to her conversation with Anna last month. All of Maria’s friends knew who to turn to if they had money questions. Maria attributed her financial savvy to the summer jobs she had held over the past four years. These

jobs had helped her save a few thousand dollars for college to minimize her student loans. Her friend, Anna, approached her during the summer between their junior and senior years in high school, worried that she had no money

saved for college. Despite having part-time jobs for the last three school years, her checking account had a whopping balance of 250 rubles. Anna asked Maria what she could do to manage her money more effectively. After Maria

answered with a one word answer, Anna asked “How do I budget?”

Maria asked Anna to describe her goals and current spending habits. Anna responded in the following way:

I totally freaked out after visiting a few colleges this summer and talking with my parents. College costs a lot of money and my parents tell me now that they expect me to pay for my living expenses on campus (which I estimate will be 7000 rubles per year). That’s so unfair. I have no idea how I can save that that much in a year. I mean, I’ve had a part-time job for the past three school years and only have about 200 rubles in my account now. I don’t know where all that money went. I also know that I need to focus on my studies and not sure that I can work while I am at college. Something needs to change, but I don’t know where to start.”


Answer This :

1. What do you think Anna’s goals should be?


2. Where is she spending her money today?


3. What are a few ways that Anna can get a better understanding of her spending patterns?


Maria developed a basic plan for Anna to track every dollar she spent over the course of a month. Anna collected all her receipts in a shoebox and reviewed them with Maria at the end of the month:

Coffee: 5 lattes @ 80 rubles each

Movies: 3 movies @ 200 rubles each

Food: 3 meals with friends @ 250 each; food and toiletries @ 2000

Clothes: 2 trips to the mall with friends@ 500 rubles per trip

Cell phone: Parents expect her to pay 300/month toward family plan

  • Shoes: 1 pair @ 1000 rubles

  • Books: 1 book @ 200 rubles

  • Bus : @ 500 rubles


To help make sense of all of this information, Maria asked Anna to organize the information by using the budget template provided below. In the category column, she would list all of her various expenses. She would then make a

judgment call about whether each expense was a Want or a Need. In the Monthly Cost column, she would total up the cost for each of the expenses. In the last column, she would calculate how much that item was as a percentage of her

total costs. This would help her determine where she was spending most of her money in the past month.











Complete this chart with the information provided above:





Cost %age of

Total Costs

















Mall Shopping










Cell phone bill











Maria thought back to where their conversation started last month and how lost Anna seemed. She hoped that having Anna prioritize her goals and review her spending would help her gain some necessary perspective. Instead, she seemed

to be at a dead-end, less focused on solutions and more on her inability to change. Maria thought her best approach would be to outline a few options for Anna so she could choose a solution that would work best for her. Maria had

worked with enough friends before to know that these conversations could be difficult ones, but she looked forward to solving Anna’s money problems.


Answer This :

  • What 2-3 options would you outline for Anna to help her achieve her goals?

  • Be ready to discuss with her the pros/cons of working more versus finding other ways to adjust her budget.

  • Be specific with your recommendations, highlighting specific costs or income sources.



create a monthly budget for your discretionary spending





A Useful Language Bank for Communication

Asking for opinion.

What’s your opinion on...?

How do you feel about....?

What do you think about....?

What’s your view on...?

Expressing opinion.

My point of view is that...

Well, as far as I’m concerned...

Well, if you ask me...

It seems\ appears to me that...

I think\ believe...\ must...\

In my opinion\ view...

To me...\ may\ might

From my point of view...

To my mind/ way of thinking...

As far as I am concerned...

I am totally against...

I (do not) agree that \ with...

I (completely) agree \ disagree that \ with...

Making Suggestions.

If I were ... I would...

Perhaps they should....

Why don’t we/ they...

How/ what about...?

A good idea would be...

If they..., then...

They can/ should...

I think we/ you should...

You could always...


Have you thought about...

It would be a great idea to...

We can/ could...

A useful suggestion would be to...

It would help/ It would be a good idea if...

The situation would be improved if/ by...

Another way to... is / would be to...


I think you are right...

That’s true...

I quite agree with you...

You’re right.

I couldn’t agree more.

That’s a great / good/ fantastic idea.

Sure, why not.

That sounds interesting / great.


I’m not sure I agree with you.

That’s true, but...

Do you really think so?

I’m afraid I can’t agree with you.

No, I really can’t agree with you.

I don’t really feel like it.




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