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«In a healthy body a healthy mind»





















 Класс: 5

Учитель английского языка Рауцкая Эляна Владиславовна


Цель: развитие коммуникативных способностей обучающихся по теме “Полезные и вредные привычки”.


  • активизировать лексический материал по теме “Полезные и вредные привычки” в продуктивной речи;

  • развивать навыки аудирования, чтения, говорения;

  • воспитывать потребность к ведению здорового образа жизни.

Оборудование: раздаточный материал в виде карточек, наглядность по теме “ Полезные и вредные привычки ”.

Ход урока

1. Мотивация. Речевая зарядка.

- Good afternoon, boys and girls.

- I am glad to see you today

- Answer some questions, please.

- Do you like sport?

- What is your favorite sport?

- Do you do morning exercise?

- Do you brush teeth every day?

- Do you like to eat fruit?

- What fruit do you like to eat?

  • When do you usually get up?

  • Is it easy or difficult for you to get up early?

  • what healthy food do you know

  • what junk food do you know


What is the main idea of our lesson? (You are right)

- The topic of our lesson is “Good and bad habits” (тема записывается на доске).

There are 2 teams and our supervisors today are David and Ulyana/




2. Чтение слов с доски

- And now I suggest you to listen to some information about life of British people from “The Daily Telegraph”.


  • Low-fat food- низкокалорийная пища

  • Fibre- клетчатка

  • Adults- взрослые

  • Iron- железо

  • Muscles- мускул, мышца

  • Obesityυbi:səti] –чрезмерная полнота

  • Overweight - ?

  • Inactivity -?

  • A habit – привычка

  • To skip – пропускать

  • To lead (to) – вести (к)

  • A disease [di’zi:z] – болезнь

  • To snack – перекусывать на ходу

  • A lifestyle -

  • Regularity -

  • To promote – способствовать

  • A diet - ?

  • Variety [və’raiəti] –разнообразие

  • A way to live образ жизни

  • Used to – обычно/бывало (начинали)

  • Smoking -?

  • Alcohol - ?


- In this text you will found some new words and expressions. Look at the blackboard, please




Listen attentively and try to understand this text.


Many people in GB think more about their health. They eat a lot of low-fat food and more fibre. People believe that they should exercise and going in for sport more not to be fat. Smoking, drinking, drugs are very bad for your health not only for children but adults too. But everything is not so good. Many teenages eat only chips, pizza, crisps and cola a lot. They do not get enough iron, which is necessary for healthy muscles and for some reactions in the brain.


- All of you have such lists with some statements. Say which of these statements are true and which are false

  1. Many people in GB think less about their health.

  2. People believe that they should exercise more and going in for sport not to be fat.

  3. Teenages do not eat chips, pizza and cola a lot.

  4. Smoking, drinking, alcohol and drugs are very bad for the health.


4. Соединить привычки и их последствия на доске. Развитие речевых умений.


- And now a task for you.

- Look at the blackboard, please (на доске в два ряда расположены карточки, на которых записаны результаты влияния полезных и вредных привычек на здоровье человека).

- What do you see? Let us read.

- You are right. They are the results of good and bad habits.

Teeth yellow

Beautiful smile

Speech unclear

White healthy teeth


Slim body

Losing social controls

Wonderful skin


Sport body


Smart appearance  Cleaning teeth               


                                       Eating vegetables

                                      Taking drugs

                                      Sleeping two hours

                                      Watching TV five hours

                                      Drinking water



- What habits give such results?

- Let us complete this scheme.

- Take these cards and place them on the blackboard opposite each result.

- Try to give full answer, please.

- For example, If you are smoking you will have yellow teeth (дети по очереди выходят к доске и прикрепляют карточку, выражающую полезную или вредную привычку напротив соответствующего результата).

- So, let us begin. One by one.















  1. Выполнение задания “Jumbled Proverbs”.

На доске написаны разделённые на 2 части пословицы, задача учащихся состоит правильном подборе окончания пословицы.

Health is better than wealth.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy mind in a healthy body.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Live not to eat but eat to live.

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.

Eat with pleasure, drink with measure.

A change of activity is the best rest.

What is food for one man is bitter poison to others.



6 . Динамическая пауза (под музыку).

- Stand up, please.

- Let us do some exercises for our health.

- Stand straight, please.

- Touch your nose ( head, eyes, fingers, shoulders).

- Look up (down, to the right, to the left)

- Close your eyes, please and think about something good.

- Sit down, please.


7. Read it please. (Отвечаем на вопросы) ЗАДАНИЕ ДЛЯ КАПИТАНОВ


  2. Do you smoke?

  3. Do you drink alcohol?

  4. How often do you brush your teeth?

  5. Do you go in for sports?

  6. How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?

  • Stand up, make 2 circuses, choose a question and interview your class-mates, after that combine the facts and make a report.

  • Listen to the music. When music is stop, you ask and answer the question.


Let’s begin to present your information. Please, give your advice to your classmates.




8. Чтение.

- Let us continue our lesson.

- Before reading the text take these tables, please.



















During your reading you must put “plus” opposite some ideas.

For example, doctor has said about vitamins. You must put “plus” opposite this idea.



Last year smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs received a lot of bad publicity in GB. We put into prison for taking drugs. Also we take money for smoking and drinking alcohol. Many companies have stopped smoking and drinking alcohol in their offices. There are special smoker`s carriadges on trains. Cigarette and drinking advertising is banned on TV and radio.



You must not have bad habits because it is so dangerous for our health. Make exercises, go in for sport, take vitamins, eat fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise.



I am an Olympic champion. Sport is my life. It is very necessary for me to exercise my body constantly. Many times ago I said “no” any cigarettes, any drinking and drugs. Follow my example and be healthy.

- What has Judge ( doctor, sportsman) said about?





9 Вставить слова. Let’s read some advices using more or less and translate them into Russian:

a.     You should eat … fat food to lose your weight.

b.     You should walk … to be healthy.

c.      You should eat … fruit and vegetables. They are useful for your health.

d.     Doctors advise to smoke … and to exercise ….

e.      You should eat … sugar-rich foods.

f.       You should eat … fibre-rich foods.








10. Подведение итогов урока.

- What must we do if we want to be healthy?

If we want to be healthy we must…(brush teeth, eat low-fat food, go in for sport…).

-Do you follow this rule?

- Let us analyse our work.



- I think you have taken some useful information from our lesson.

- Thank you for your work.

- I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and successfully pass your exams



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