Работа с текстом. Отрывок из книги американской писательницы L.M.Alcott "Маленькие женщины"; 3 - 4 класс

Little Women


(After L. M. Alcott)


Part I



On a cold evening in December the girls are sitting near the fire in the dining-room. Their mother has not come home yet, and the girls are talking about the New Year and the presents they want to give to their mother.
Margaret, or Meg, as her sisters call her, is a very nice girl. She is sixteen years old. Meg teaches small children in the family of their friends. She gets some money for her work and helps her family. Meg is going to be a teacher.
Josephine, or Jo, is fifteen. She is tall and thin with long thick hair. Jo wants to write stories and be a writer. Now she works at the house of an old woman. She looks after the woman, helps her in the house, reads books to her and gets some money for her work.
Elizabeth, or Beth, is thirteen. She is a tall girl with brown eyes. Beth likes music and is learning to play the piano. She wants to teach music. She helps their mother in the house — dusts the tables, the chairs and the bookcases, sweeps the floor and washes the plates.
Amy is twelve. She has fair hair and large blue eyes. Amy goes to school. Some girls laugh at her old dresses and she does not like school. She wants to be an artist. Amy helps her mother in the kitchen.

1. Match two columns ( the girls” names and their descriptions)

Jo sweeps the floor, 13 y.o, likes music

Meg a very nice girl, teaches small children

Amy has long thick hair, reads books to a woman

Beth wants to be an artist, has blue eyes

2.Guess who is speaking and write a name:

a) “Oh, I am so tired today, this woman wanted me to read to her three stories, then I cleaned all the rooms today! But I have some money and my mummy will be very happy !____________________

b) “Today I had a very interesting Art lesson! Our teacher told us a very exciting story about one of the greatest artists! But the girls laughed at me again....(_________________________

3.Give the short answers

What are the girls talking about? _____________

Who wants to be a writer? __________________

How does Beth help her mother? ______________________________

Where are the girls? _________________________________

Who works with children? _____________________________

4.Are you agree or not? Read the sentences and write “+” or “-“

Their mother is at home now _______________

The girls are not friendly and dont like to help each other ______________

Meg is the oldest sister _______________

Amy likes to go to school very much _________________

The weather is very hot ___________________

5.Draw the girls from this story. Pay attention to all details and write a name.



_____________ ______________ ____________ _____________

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