Проверочная работа по английскому языку "Разделительные вопросы"; 9 класс

I. Match the sentences with the correct question tags.

1. She doesn’t like when it rains, _____ a) isn’t she

2. Mike knows the answer, _______ b) had they

3. Mrs. Smith has got a son and a daughter, ______ c) will she

4. Julia is able to work in other European countries, _____ d) don’t they

5. They hadn’t a dictation yesterday, _____ e) does she

6. Helen won’t be late,______ f) isn’t there

7. There is a good film on TV tonight,______ g) is he

8. The Watsons live in an old house near station,_______ h) doesn’t he

9. John isn’t married,______ i) does he

10. He never visits his friends,________ j) hasn’t she


II. Write the question tags.

  1. Paula is on holiday in Italy at the moment,…

  2. Nobody lives in this house,…

  3. He learnt to drive last year,…

  4. This book was written in 1987,…

  5. Angela can’t come to the party,…

  6. You don’t use the euro in Poland,…

  7. You know that man,…

  8. Charlie studied engineering at university,…

  9. It is 1000 miles from Paris to Moscow,…

  10.  Ann doesn’t love dancing,…


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