Конспект урока английского языка "Молодежные субкультуры"; 10 класс

Урок - викторина 10 класс


На базе УМК « The world of English» под редакцией Кузовлева B.J I. Тема: «Молодежная субкультура» (Youth subculture)

Цель: Развитие коммуникативной компетенции по все видам дея тельности

Фактические задачи:

  1. Обобщение информации о понятиях иреалиях, эволюциисубкультур

  2. Совершенствование навыков аудирования, говорения, чтения иписьма

  3. Систематизация грамматического материала - предлога like и союза as, используемых длясравнения

  4. Систематизация употребления лексики нотеме

  5. Совершенствование грамматическихнавыков

Образовательные задачи:

  1. развитие памяти, способности ксравнению

  2. развитие умения сотрудничать иэрудиции

  3. расширение культурногокругозора

Воспитательные задачи:

  1. формирование терпимого отношения к представителям различных групп и уважения мнения другогочеловека

  2. формирование потребности осознания своего права на собственнуюпозицию


  1. магнитофон

  2. раздаточный материал сзаданиями



    1. Оргмомент.

Ход урока:


Hello, boys and girls. Today is English week at our school. And we are going to have a quiz.


The topic of our quiz is «Youth subculture».


You're going to practice listening, speaking, reading, writing and using grammar skills.


We’ 11 see which team has better knowledge of English. We have 2 teams. Let's greet each other (команды аплодируют друг другу).

Let's begin with brainstorming activity. I'll ask each group 6 questions. You're to give the short answer immediately. Each correct is 1 point.

Questions for Team № 1:


  1. What is subculture?

  2. What is the mods' favoritevehicle?

  3. What clothes do rockers prefer towear?

  4. Who is Goths' favoriteauthor?

  5. What is the most important sign forskinheads?

  6. What music style does Bob Marlc belongto?


  1. A way for young people to express their identity or individuality

  2. Scooter

  3. Leather jackets, army boots and cowboyhats

  4. DramStocker

  5. Noticeable lack of IQ

  6. Reggaestyle


T. So team № 1. got... points;

Questions for Team №2:


  1. What are 3 main characteristics ofsubculture?

  2. What subculture did the American President Bill Clinton belongto?

  3. Who rejects every thing?

  4. What music do hackers prefer?

  5. Who is the brightest representative of rock-n-rollmusic?

  6. Who likes all night danceparties?


  1. Image, values andmusic

  2. Hippies

  3. Punks

  4. Techno

  5. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry

  6. Ravers.


So team №2got points.


2. Чтение текста.

  1. Read the text "A Tragedy in the Air" & choose the correct phrase.1.The flight from London to South Africastarted

    1. at 9 b) at 10 c) at midnight d) atmidday


  1. This trip promised to be

a) terrific b) interesting c) dull d) usual


  1. As the passengers were telling each other that the second & the third engines didn't work, they all were thinkingof

  1. a fortune to see tigers & snakes in thesurroundings

  2. landing to have arest

  3. a bottle of Champaign to celebrate theirtrip

  4. death

  1. Suddenly the passengers heard the captain's voice, "I have bad news foryou.

  1. We arelanding

  2. All the four engines do notwork

  3. England has lost her last football match againstScotland

  4. We are returning backhome.

"A Tragedy in the Air"

The flight from London to South Africa didn't begin at 9 o'clock. It was a little delayed. The plane belonged to the British Airways. It was a big plane with four engines.

At ten o'clock we started. I sat next to Michael. He is a former pilot but now he works as a lawyer. Michael is my permanent companion in my journeys to Africa. This trip promised to be very interesting. It included our visits to several villages

situated in the South of the continent. The trip could offer many unusual things. At eleven o'clock when we were over the British Channel Michael told me he didn't like the sound of the engine. Soon the stewardess said that something was not quite right with the engine again. She told us it wasn't very important as there were three good engines on the plane & we said "OK".

However when we got to South Africa, the passengers were telling each other that the second & the third engines didn't work. We all felt rather bad. At thattime we were flying over the land of Africa with its wild animals: tigers, lions, snakes. We were thinking aboutdeath.

Suddenly we heard the captain's voice on the plane radio, "Ladies & gentlemen, I have bad news for you".

I saw that many faces became white. Some people began crying. I felt terrible. The captain continued in a loud voice, "1 have to inform you that England has lost her last football match againstScotland!"

Keys: 1 - b 2 - b 3 - d 4 – с


3. Translation. T. - Now, you are to translate my sentences from Russian in to English, using all the vocabulary on the topic "Youth Subculture». You are to give

the translation immediately. (Учитель предлагает предложения на русском языке)

Team № 1

  1. Subculture is the way oflife.

  2. Their behavior differs from social norms.

  3. A lot of teens take drugs asrebellion.

  4. Drugs ruin ourdreams.

  5. Hippies support a liberal attitude & lifestyle.

  6. Representatives of different subcultures may have something similar in their image &behavior.

  7. Bikers identify themselves with a particularsubculture.

    1. Субкультура – это путьжизни.

    2. Их поведение отличается от общественныхнорм.

    3. Очень много подростков принимают наркотики, какбунт.

    4. Наркотики разрушают нашимечты.

    5. Хиппи поддерживают либеральное отношение к жизненной позиции.

    6. Представители разных субкультур могут иметь одинаковое представление иповедение.

    7. Байкеры отождествляют себя с особойсубкультурой.

Team № 2


  1. They don't conform to society'sstandards.

  2. Drugs help to escape from the problems & boredom of everydaylife.

  3. Teens smoke just to showoff.

  4. Punks rejecteverything.

  5. Hippies want to change the world to thebest.

  6. Their main aim is to protect rights & interests of young people & help disabledpeople.

  7. Teens listen to Prodigy to protest against their parents & oldergeneration.


    1. Они не соответствуют общественнымстандартам.

    2. Наркотики помогают убежать от проблем искуки.

    3. Курение подростков – это выставление себя напоказ.

    4. Панки отвергаютвсе.

    5. Хиппи хотят изменить мир клучшему.

    6. Их главная цель – это защищать права и интересы молодых людей и помогать пожилымлюдям.

    7. Подростки слушают Prodigy, чтобы протестовать против своих родителей и старшегопоколения.

4 Grammar practice.

Now we are going to have some short grammar & vocabulary tests. To do them I

would recommend you to divide each team into subgroups. Be attentive & do your

best. Some of the cards are the same for both teams, some are special.


A. There are various types of social groups we can define & these include groups such as:

1) a family group 2) an educational group 3) a work group

  1. a peer group 5) a friendshipgroup.


Read the definitions of the groups & guess their names. Use the names in the box.

    1. This might include people who do the same type ofjob.

    2. This includes people who go around together because they like eachother.

    3. This involves people of roughly the sameage.

    4. People who are related to each other through marriage, kin and the like.

    5. This could include people studying together in thesame educational school, college orclass.


Keys (I):1-d, 2-e, 3-a, 4-c, 5-b.

5. Word building. Form new words using suffixes.


  1. to identify-

  2. to rebel-

  3. to reject-

  4. to conform-

  5. to support-

  6. to behaveKeys:


rebellion, rebellious rejection, rejecting conformity, con form ing support, supporting behavior


  1. In different countries as well as in Russia you can come across thefollowing types of teenagers. What are they? Use the names from thebox:


Skinheads, Ravers, Tolkienists, Bikers


  1. They can support fascist slogans. Many representatives of their subculture are illegal drug users, including injecting ones. It is typical for them to drinkvodka.

  2. They often declare to have anti-drug views. However they use beer. Their statements about itare:

  • It is a drink of use . It is simply tasty &cool,

  • It is possible & cool to ride motorbike under beer. Beer isbasic.

  1. They are followers of writer J.Tolkien. They play knights battles. They statethat even wooden sword could be dangerous & during plays all the members mustn't use anyalcohol.

  2. They use computer-made music & drugs. They are easy to join if a newmember is ready to accept their declared rules. They usually do not have strict rules about drugs. But drugs help them spend all-nightsdances.


Keys: 1 - Skinheads, 2 - Bikers, 3 - Tolkienists, 4 - Ravers.



III. Заключение.

Now our quiz, is over. You have shown good results in reading, speaking, writing,

listening & grammar skills. You have done your project works well. So your results

are the following: team 1 - ...;team2 Thanks for yourwork.

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