Конспект урока английского языка "A trip to the country"; 5 класс

 Тема: A trip to the country


Цель урока: .

закрепление лексических единиц по теме «животные», формирование грамматических навыков «множественное число имени существительного»

Задачи: создать условия для:

Образовательный аспект: формирования лексико-грамматических навыков по теме «множественное число имен существительных»;

Развивающий аспект: развития речи учащихся по теме «В деревне», навыков восприятия речи на слух; формирования грамматических навыков;

Воспитательный аспект: формирования уважения к укладу жизни в сельской местности; культурному наследию Беларуси, воспитания культуры устной речи.

Оборудование: видеоролики, карточки, стикеры

Ход урока

I. Этап организации начала урока

T: - Good morning/afternoon.

Game “answer and sit”

a rock

a hill

a valley

a waterfall

a swamp

a field

a forest

a sea coast

a river bank

a path

A pony

A cow

A goat

A sheep

A hen

A rooster

A goose

A turkey

A barn сарай, амбар

Hay сено

Grain зерно

A fence

A kitchen garden Lynx

A beaver

A wild boar

An owl

A stork

A bison

A hare

A hangehog

A deer

A squirrel

Поставьте плюс

II. Этап проверки выполнения домашнего задания

Ex.2 p.57wb

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III. Этап подготовка к основному этапу урока

3.1Актуализация знаний учащихся

Task 1. Do you know the geography of Belarus?

1. Belarus is a … .

a) Federation

b) Kingdom

c) Republic

2. Where is Belarus?

a) In Asia

b) In Northern America

c) Between Poland and Russia

3. What is the population of Belarus?

a) About 5 mln people

b) About 10 mln people

c) 1.8 mln people

4. How many regions are there in Belarus?

a) 4

b) 6

c) 10

5. The capital of Belarus is …

a) Polotsk

b) Minsk

c) Mogilev

6. What are the colours of the national flag?

a) Red and white

b) Red, blue and white

c) Red, green and white

7. We celebrate Independence Day on the…

a) 1st of March

b) 3rd of June

c) 3rd of July

8. Which is the largest lake in Belarus?

a) Lake Svityas

b) Lake Osveyskoye

c) Lake Naroch

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3.2 Выход на тему урока.

Do the code. Name the theme of the lesson.















What are we going to talk about?


A trip to the country


Тема на доску:

A trip to the country

3.3 Целеполагание

- look at the title of the lesson and complete the aims


- speak ___________(a lot of)


- speak ___________(up)


- speak ___________(English)

Цели записываются на доске.


3.4 мотивация


На карте Беларуси написаны 3 буквы B.N.M M

Спросить, что они значат,

Ответим в конце урока


IV. Закрепление знаний и способов действий

Показать короткое видео

- we are talking about Belovezhskaya puscha

What animals can we see in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? Look at the pictures on the blackboard guess the riddles

дети записывают слова на доске







1. This bird is a symbol of good luck. (A stork)

2. The symbol of Belovezhskaya Pushcha is … . (A bison)

3.It’s a large wild cat that has no tail and lives in forests. (A lynx рысь)

4.A very large deer. (An elk лось)

5.It’s a large wild pig with long hair. (A wild boar дикий кабан)

6.A small animal whose body is round and covered with spines. (иголки) A hangehog

7.An animal that lives near rivers and lakes. (A beaver бобр)

8. In winter it is white, In summer it is gray, It likes carrot and cabbage. Who is it? (a hare заяц)

Поставьте плюс

- Put these words into plural form

A stork

A bison

A lynx

An elk

A wild boar

A hangehog

A beaver

a hare

a deer

Поставьте плюс

4.1 физкультминутка


Pass the envelopegame. (упр на правило степени сравнения)










Поставьте плюс

Mir castle

Показать видео

- we are talking about Mir castle

- Read the text and fill in the table




Mir was founded in the 14th century . Many rich Belarusian families lived in it. Yuri Ilyinich got the

town in 1486 and built Mir Castle in the 1520s. In 1569 Mikalai Radzivil Sirotka became the owner of Mir and built two palace buildings in the garden of the castle. Now Mir Castle, made of red and white brick, is a great monument to Belarusian history. Every day it has a lot of visitors. Mir is also a place for many Belarusian festivals and knights’ tournaments.



When was it founded?

What fmous people lived there? What did they do?

What can you see and visit there?


In the___th century

Yuri…built Mir…


Knights’ tournament


Поставьте плюс


Показать видео


- What do you know about these places? Do you want to learn know more? Read a legend and put the verb into past simple.

On the way to Nesvizh people can see two trees. The birch and the oak grow together. There is a beautiful but sad legend about these trees.

It ________(happen(случилось) happened many years ago. The daughter of Radziwil _______(fall) fell in love (влюбилась) with a poor(бедный) young man. The boy and the girl _____(like) liked nature very much and spent a lot of time together. The girl told her father about her love. She ______(want)хотеть) wanted to become that young man's wife (женой). Radziwil didn't agree. He ______(not want) didn't want his daughter to be poor. The girl cried, and cried, and cried. But it ______(not help) didn't help. Then the boy and the girl thought of a plan. And one dark night they decided to run away.

When Radziwil _______(learn) learnt about it, he got angry. He _____(go) went after his daughter. He killed them both. Later two trees grew on that place, 6 km from Nesvizh. When the wind blows, the leaves of the trees tell this sad story of their love. If you keep your ears and hearts open, you also can hear it.

Поставьте плюс

- Do you like this love story?

- Is it happy or unhappy story?


Минск (резерв)

показать видео

listen and put the pictures in the correct order







Поставьте плюс


V. Обобщение и систематизация знаний


- And now let’s play a game “True or False”. You already know a lot about Belarus. Listen to my sentences and be attentive. Repeat the statement if you agree with me and correct it if you disagree.



T: Grodno is the capital of Belarus.

P1: It’s false. Minsk is the capital of Belarus.


T: Minsk is the biggest city.

P2: It’s true. Minsk is the biggest city.


T: Belarus doesn’t have beautiful nature.

P3: It’s false. Belarus has beautiful nature.


T: The symbol of Belarus is the stork.

P4: It’s true. The symbol of Belarus is the stork.


T: There’s only one castle in Belarus.

P6: It’s false. There are many castles in Belarus.


VI. Этап подведения итогов занятия

Возвращаемся к карте!!!



Our aims were…(вернитесь к цели)

lesson is success.


Your marks are ... .



Лесенка успеха





VIII. Этап информации о домашнем задании, инструктаж по его выполнению

Open your record books, please. Write down your hometask. Your hometask is

Ex.1 p.58 wb





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