Тест к уроку английского языка "Spotlight"

Test 6 Module 6 (7 form «Spotlight»).


  1. Match the words to make collocations.


  1. Shake a. a haunted house

  2. Ride on b. a tree house

  3. Go c. a camel

  4. Eat d. a rollercoaster

  5. Make e. hands

  6. Explore f. a fire truck

  7. Ride g. candy floss

  8. Drive h. in a pool

  9. Swim i. video games

  10. Play j. souvenir shopping


  1. Fill in the correct word.


Rocket journey, theme, pictures, home-cooked, put up, funfair, fire-trunk, survive


  1. Children enjoy visiting ….parks.

  2. When we go to a …. we always have a great time.

  3. I took a lot of …. to show my friends.

  4. Our leader taught us how to ….tents and build fires.

  5. I love going on …

  6. Do you know how to …. In the forest.

  7. I have always dreamt of driving ….


  1. Form opposite adjectives.


  1. Legal

  2. Possible

  3. Active

  4. Relevant

  5. Believable


  1. Put the verbs into the Present perfect.


  1. She (already/read) the book.

  2. We (see) the film.

  3. They (paint/this week) their room green.

  4. I (never/be) to London.

  5. She (just/drink) a cup of coffee.


  1. Fill in round, across, out, back.


  1. This film came….. last year/

  2. I didn’t like that camp. I’m not going to come ….there.

  3. My friend came …. To see my new laptop.

  4. He came ….this book last week.



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