тесты для 11 класс

Ggade11. Unit 3. Words 1.

  1. Match the words with close meaning.

  1. Demolish a) respect

  2. Blunt b) lots of

  3. Genuine c) remove

  4. Scores d) real

  5. Homage e) rough

  1. Translate into Russian.

  1. To pay homage

  2. To state unanimously

  3. To gain confidence

  4. To be prone to overweight

  5. To be tutored by parents

  6. A dubious legend

  7. A genuine history

  8. A cruel disposition

  9. A prudent child

  10. A grumbling servant

  1. Give English equivalents.

  1. Убитая горем девушка

  2. Охваченный паникой город

  3. Трущобы городских окраин

  4. Страдающие от засухи страны центральной Африки

  5. Охваченные ужасом горожане

  1. Build English nouns and translate them into Russian.

  1. To confide

  2. To grumble

  3. To tutor

  4. To mount

  5. To strike

  6. To serve

  7. To demolish

  8. To lean

  9. To muse

  10. To judge

  1. What’s the English for:

  1. На заднем плане

  2. На синем фоне

  3. Уверенный в победе

  4. Прислониться к дереву

  5. Опираться на трость

  6. Иметь благородное происхождение

  7. Бастовать за повышение зарплаты

  8. Подняться на горочку

  9. Задуматься об отношениях с …

  10. Давать частные уроки по математике

UNIT 4 . Active Vocabulary

Variant 2

  1. Give English equivalent. Pay attention to prepositions.

  1. Днем

  2. Быть помешанным на футболе

  3. Гулять по саду

  4. Изготовленный из свинца

  5. Зависеть от погоды

  1. Complete the sentences with the function words.

  1. The bird alighted… a branch.

  2. Denis could be heard muttering…himself about my stupidity.

  3. She embroidered the veil… red and blue flowers.

  4. Those children were living… misery, without housing, school and clinics.

  5. The faces of both parents were glowing… happiness.

  6. It was raining hard outdoors and… consequence we were drenched (7)… the skin.

  1. Express the same in Russian.

  1. To cry for the moon

  2. To admit defeat

  3. To put up somewhere

  1. One adjective doesn’t go to others. Which one?

  1. Outgoing 6. Unreliable

  2. Ambitious 7. Gentle

  3. Sensible 8. Brave

  4. Generous 9. Obedient

  5. Imaginative 10. Adventurous

  1. Match the words with close meaning.

  1. Implore a. comment

  2. Rite b. suffering

  3. Sickness c. delightful

  4. Famine d. anger

  5. Vice e. wish

  6. Flint f. beg

  7. Desire g. ceremony

  8. Ambition h. high

  9. Chase i. disease

  10. Lofty j. hunger

  11. Delicious k. stone

  12. Misery l. aim

  13. Remark m. pursuit

UNIT 4. Active Vocabulary

Variant 1

  1. Give English equivalent. Pay attention to prepositions.

  1. Влюбиться в прелестную девушку

  2. Перейти к делу

  3. Играть чьими-либо чувствами

  4. Ночью

  5. Прибыть во Францию

  1. Complete the sentence with the function words.

  1. The biggest dome of the cathedral was gilded … gold.

  2. She was really attached… Henry, she’s known him for ages,”- he said.

  3. The sick boy was getting better and he sank … delicious slumber.

  4. The statue of Happy Prince’s feet were fastened… the pedestal and consequently he couldn’t move.

  5. People often remark …how alike John and Malcolm look.

  6. The dog’s ears were picked … straight.

  7. Passengers should not alight… the train until it has stopped.

  1. Express the same in Russian.

  1. To toss feverishly

  2. To ridicule something or somebody

  3. To pick out

  1. One adjective doesn’t go to others. Which one?

  1. Sensitive 6. loyal

  2. Arrogant 7. Ruthless

  3. Impatient 8. Irresponsible

  4. Carefree 9. Obstinate

  5. Self-centered 10. Two-faced

  1. Match the words with close meaning.

1. Implore a) pursuit

2. Rite b) suffering

3. Sickness c) comment

4. Famine d) ceremony

5. Vice e) wish

6. Flint f) beg

7. Desire g) anger

8. Ambition h) high

9. Chase i) disease

10. Lofty j) hunger

11. Delicious k) stone

12. Misery l) delightful

13. Remark m) aim

Grade 11. Unit 2

  1. Read definitions of the verbs expressing the idea of moving on foot and write them down.

  1. To walk trying not to make noise because you don’t want to be noticed.

  2. To walk fast, taking big steps.

  3. To walk with a lot of energy or to walk in military way.

  4. To walk for pleasure without hurrying.

  5. To walk without specific purpose.

  6. To walk slowly and with effort as if you’re very tired or have been walking for a long time.

  7. To walk as if you think you’re very important.

  8. To walk with uneven steps, almost falling over.

  9. To walk slowly without lifting your feet off the ground.

  10. To move forwards by putting one foot in front of the other.

Grade 11. Unit 2. Topical Vocabulary.

  1. Match pairs of

  1. Opposites

  1. Rigid a) ancient

  2. Squat b) heavy

  3. Pointed c) flexible

  4. Contemporary d) round

  5. Weightless e) slender

  1. Words not to be confused

  1. Dome a) vault

  2. Patio b) turret

  3. Tapestries c) cupolas

  4. Tower d) carpets

  5. Basement e)courtyard

  1. Words with close meaning (translate them into Russian)

  1. Vague a) refined

  2. Dainty b) rich

  3. Magnificent c) dim

  4. Exuberant d) dignified

  1. Give English equivalent of the following building materials

  1. Цемент 5. мрамор

  2. Бетон 6. штукатурка

  3. Кирпич 7. глина

  4. Песок 8. черепица

Grade 11. Unit 2. Active Vocabulary.

  1. Translate into Russian.

  1. Fiona is always ready to listen to my problems she really has a sympathetic ear.

  2. Through the fog we saw the vague outline of a ship.

  3. Mary looked very neat in her crisp white blouse.

  4. His first novel was a disastrous flop.

  5. John spared neither money nor expense in helping us.

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Детская погремушка

  2. Свободная комната

  3. Холодная бесснежная зима

  4. Ужасная сплетница

  5. Приветливая девушка

  6. Мрачная библиотека

  7. Уклончивый ответ

  1. Complete the sentences using proper preposition where necessary.

  1. Rose is fond of gossiping …. her neighbours’ matters

  2. Can you spare some money … homeless.

  3. Spare me … the necessity of talking with Gwen.

  4. Emily liked this cosy café and she often lingered … her coffee.

  5. Allan flopped, exhausted, … to a sofa.

  6. The process was a real ordeal … Jack, but he could do nothing.

  7. No one can be spared … working in the school yard.

  8. Grace has no sympathy … this point of view.

  9. When Michael learned the truth about the girls’ life he became very sympathetic … them.

  10. Linda, stop rattling … that nonsense, please. It’s getting on my nerves.

  11. Mrs. Wade had no real sympathy … customers.

  1. Change the sentences so that to use active vocabulary.

  1. Ralph couldn’t understand Jane’s explanations.

  2. What Sylvia says is silly and untrue.

  3. Mrs. Davidson seems to be rather absent-minded and forgetful as she grew older.

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