Викторина по английскому языку "Saint Valentine's Day"; 7-8 классы

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Valentine’s Day Инсарская Галина Борисовна, учитель английского языка МБОУ «Лицей №23» г. Мытищи
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Valentine’s Day When is it? Why do we have it? Who was St Valentine? How was and is it celebrated across the World? So who was Cupid?
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Valentine’s Day Learning outcomes You will be able to: Choose four new vocabulary words from the PowerPoint and find the definitions either using the PowerPoint or a dictionary. Demonstrate an understanding of Valentine’s Day by taking part in a quiz.
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When is it? February 14th • Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. • Both children and adults celebrate Valentine’s Day.
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Why do we have it? • Some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial–which probably occurred around A.D. 270. • Others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. • Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.
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Feast of Lupercalia • Before the establishment of Valentine's Day, the Romans had practised a pagan celebration in mid-February, the Feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival of love. • The celebration featured a lottery in which young men would draw the names of teenage girls from a box. • The girl assigned to each young man would be his companion for a year. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius decided to put an end to the Feast of Lupercalia, and he declared that February 14 be celebrated as St Valentine’s Day. Gradually, February 14 became a date for exchanging love messages, poems and simple gifts such as flowers.
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History – Who was St Valentine? Valentine’s Day is said to take its origin from 3rd Century Rome as a tribute to St. Valentine, a Catholic bishop. • In truth, the exact origins and identity of St. Valentine are unclear. • According to the Catholic Encyclopaedia, “At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of 14 February. • One was a priest in Rome, the second one was a bishop of Interamna (now Terni, Italy) and the third St. Valentine was a martyr in the Roman province of Africa.
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Roman Emperor Claudius banned marriage from his empire. But Valentine secretly performed marriages. Legends vary on how the martyr’s name became connected with romance. When Claudius found out about Valentine, he sentenced him to death. • Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. • The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. • Claudius believed that Roman men were unwilling to join the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and families. • To get rid of the problem, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Valentine defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. • When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. • Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. The sentence was carried out on February 14, on or about the year 270.
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In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day became popular in the 17th century. Lovers and friends exchanged small tokens of affection and handwritten notes. By the end of the 18th century, printed cards replaced handwritten notes.
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• Americans probably began exchanging hand-made valentines in the early 1700s. • In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass-produced valentines in America. • Howland, known as the “Mother of the Valentine,” made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colourful pictures known as “scrap.” • In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of giving gifts along with paper-laced cards became popular. • Roses, candies and chocolates are the most commonly exchanged Valentine's Day Gifts.
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День Святоо́ го Валентио́ на (St. Valentine's Day) came to Russia in early 1990's and it's a relatively new holiday. It is not observed as a public holiday it is widely celebrated and remains one of the most popular romantic holidays in Russia. Valentine's Day in Russia is an to share true feelings with the loved ones. Any gift that expresses  любоо́ вь (love) and внимао́ ние (care). A popular подао́ рок (gift) is a Valentine's Day card with a romantic message inside. The message can be as personal and romantic, as you like.
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So who’s Cupid? • In classical mythology, Cupid  is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. • He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. • His Greek counterpart is Eros. • Cupid continued to be a popular figure in the Middle Ages. • Under Christian influence he often had a dual nature as Heavenly and Earthly love. • In popular culture, Cupid is shown drawing his bow to inspire romantic love, often as an icon of Valentine's Day.
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Cupid • Be careful…if Cupid strikes you with his arrow, you will fall in love with the first person you see. • Happy Valentine’s Day!
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1 When When is is Valentine’s Valentine’s Day? Day? a) a) February February 12 12 b) b) February February 13 13 c) c) February February 14 14 d) d) February February 15 15
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2 Valentine’s Valentine’s day day takes takes place: place: a) a) The The same same day day every every year year b) b) On On aa different different day day every every year year c) c) Every Every two two years years d) d) Every Every four four years years
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3 The The day day is is named named after after a: a: a) a) King King b) b) God God c) c) Saint Saint d) d) General General
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4 There There may may have have been been three three Saint Saint Valentines. Valentines. They They were were all: all: a) a) Murderers Murderers b) b) Miserable Miserable c) c) Martyred Martyred d) d) Martians Martians
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5 The The Romans Romans celebrated: celebrated: a) a) Feast Feast of of Lupins Lupins c) c) Feast Feast of of Love Love b) b) Feast Feast of of Lupercalia Lupercalia d) d) Feast Feast of of Laughter Laughter
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6 On On this this day day people people often often send send each each other: other: a) a) cats cats b) b) cars cars c) c) cartons cartons d) d) cards cards
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7 In In Denmark Denmark and and Norway Norway the the day day is is known known as: as: a) a) Valentinsdag Valentinsdag b) b) Valentinesdog Valentinesdog c) c) Valentinsdoh Valentinsdoh d) d) Valentinsdash Valentinsdash
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8 In In classical classical mythology, mythology, the the of of of of love love is: is: a) a) Venus Venus b) b) Cupid Cupid c) c) Mars Mars d) d) Eros Eros
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