Задания для текущего контроля по УМК "Cambridge Global English 1"; 1 - 2 классы

Revision activities.Cambridge Global English 1.

1.Write am, is or are.

  1. The man _____ driving a tractor.

  2. I_____ feeding a cow.

  3. A boy _____ planting rice.

  4. The girls _____ picking plums.

  5. My dad ____ carrying boxes.

  6. They ____ feeding the chicks.

  7. Look! I ____ wearing blue jeans and a red jumper on the farm.

  8. The two boys _______ planting apple trees.

  9. My grandfather _______ driving a car.

  10. Tom and Amy _____ having fun on the farm!

  11. My sister ____ grinding the wheat.

  12. Ann and Tony ____ making the bread.

  13. My friends _____ eating fresh apples and plums.

  14. I ____ washing the dishes.

2.Fill in the verbs. Use am, is or are.

feeding carrying planting driving picking having wearing


My sister is carrying a box with apples.

My dad ____ ____________ a car.

My brothers ______ _____________ fun on the farm!

The boy _____ _____________ black trousers, a green T-shirt and a pink cap.

These girls _____ ____________ strawberries in the garden. They are putting them in the basket.

Little Tom ___ _____________ the hens.

My grandma _____ ____________ a big apple tree.

4.Write the sentences in the correct order (1-6)

The spiderling eats and grows.

The spiderling becomes a big spider.

The spider lays an egg.

1.The life cycle of a spider.

The spiderling comes out of the egg.

A tiny spiderling grows inside an egg.

3.Match the word and the picture:

  1. Picking

  1. Feeding

  1. Planting

  1. Driving

  1. Eating

  1. Cutting

  1. Painting

  1. Making the bread

  1. Fixing

  1. Walking

5.Read and circle TRUE or FALSE.

Little Jane

Little Jane: I am planting a flower today.

Hello, Tom! Hello, Jack! Can you please help me to dig the hole?

The boys: Sorry, we are busy.

Jane is digging the hole herself.

Little Jane: Hello, Tom! Hello, Jack! Can you please help me to plant the flower?

The boys: Sorry, we are busy.

Jane is planting the flower herself.

The boys: What a lovely flower you have!

Little Jane: Will you water the flower?

The boys: Yes we will!

The children are watering the flower.

We`re all looking at the flower. It`s beautiful!

Little Jane: Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Jack! You are very helpful.

  1. Jane is planting a tomato. TRUE FALSE

  2. The flower is beautiful. TRUE FALSE

  3. The boys are digging the hole. TRUE FALSE

  4. Jane, Tom and Jack are watering the flower. TRUE FALSE

  5. In the end Jack and Tome are very helpful. TRUE FALSE

Read the story again. Write one word from the box.


  1. Can you please help me to dig the _______?

  2. Sorry, we are __________.

  3. Jane is planting the ___________ herself.

  4. Will you _________ the flower?

  5. Thank you! You are very ___________

6.Use the words to describe these things:

soft, hard, round, flat, short, long, fast, slow, sweet, juicy, loud, quiet

This ball is round and soft.

This book is _______ and ________ .

This teddy bear is __________________________

This snake is ___________________

This paper clip is __________________________________

This mouse is ____________________________

This drum is ____________________________

This snail is ___________________________________

This speed boat is __________________

7.Write the adjectives in a comparative form.


This ruler is short. That ruler is _shorter_.

This rock is hard. That rock is ______________.

This rubber is soft. That rubber is ____________.

This apple is sweet. That apple is____________.

This plane is fast. That plane is ______________.

This house is small. That house is___________.

This ice cream is cold. That ice cream is_______.

This bridge is long. That bridge is _____________.

This ball is big. That ball is __________________.

This pancake is hot. That pancake is __________.

This clown is happy. That clown is ____________.

This girl is pretty. That girl is _____________.

This watermelon is juicy. That watermelon is_____.

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