Презентация к уроку английского языка "Boxing Day"Apple Day

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Презентацию подготовила Громышева Кристина Викторовна, ХМАО,Тюменская область, Сургутский район, с. п. Ульт-Ягун,, МБОУ « Ульт-Ягунская СОШ», ученица 7 класса. Наставник: учитель английского языка Даутова Д. Т.
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Apple Day.
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Apple day is a British festival, it has already become a good tradition since 1990 . It is celebrated on the 21-st of October .
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The initiator of the Apple Day – The Charity Common Ground.
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The main thing - it's a lot of apples, hundreds of different varieties, tasting, buying fruits and seedlings, lectures on caring for apple trees and the benefits of apples.
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You have the opportunity to try these apples, you never buy apples like these in the store or market. Each sort will tell you a story.
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There are more than 7,000 kinds of apples.
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And, of course, the guests of the festival will be offered a whole apple menu - hot dishes, salads, desserts, drinks and other goodies from apples.
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You can taste delicious dishes and drinks with apples and take recipes.
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Besides you can buy sprouts and take good advice how to plant and grow them in your own garden.
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Recreational activities at the festival are also associated with an apple usually offered archery targets for apple, a variety of contests, apple carving (carving apples, like carving pumpkins - with cutting toothy smiles).
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The Longest Peel Competition is the most popular. Guinness World Record is held by Kathy Walfer who peeled an apple in 11 hours 30 minutes with a peel length of 52.51m on the 16th of October in 1976.
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• And also - cutting apple skins in the form of competition (for the longest). Apple clean spiral, trying to make the cropped strip narrower and therefore longer. Today, even the recorded record - 10 meters 66 centimeters (2006). A record of the longest continuous strip of apple (with peel pulp) cut in 1976 Katie Uolfer - 52 meters 51 centimeters, she worked on an apple more than 11 hours!
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There is an old tradition :the English farmers choose the oldest apple-tree, sing ballads and dance round the tree.
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Apple Day is a funny, kind and generous holiday.
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Thank you for your attention!
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Information. • • • • http://monemo.ru http://www.calend.ru www.study.ru prezentacii.ru

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