Конспект внеурочного мероприятия по английскому языку "Earth Day"; 5 - 6 классы

Сценарий мероприятия по английскому языку

The Earth Day

  1. Greetings.

  2. Slide show «The Earth Day».

  3. Listen to the text. Pick up sentences from the text and illustrate each picture.

Every April 22, people celebrate Earth Day to show how much they care about the planet. Many people use the day to do projects that will help the Earth. Some meet to discuss how to limit pollution and how to save endangered animals and plants. Others plant trees, clean up parks and beaches, or set up recycling stations. In some places concerts and organized walks raise money for environmental groups.

Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator, founded Earth Day. He asked Denis Hayes, a college student, to organize the first Earth Day events. About 20 million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day in 1970. The day made more Americans aware of the damage that people had done to the environment. In 1990 Hayes organized the first International Earth Day. About 200 million people in 141 countries took part.

  1. Role Play.

Work in pairs. Choose your roles (one is the Senator, the other is a journalist) and read your cards.

Senator Nelson


You worry about the environment so you initiate the movement for the protection of the environment. Your idea is to have a special day to teach everyone about the things that need changing in the environment.

You have to write an article to be published in the newspaper you work in. Introduce yourself and interview the senator about practical measures he is going to take to protect the environment in his State.

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box and read how you can save the environment.

You can do a lot to_______ the environment. Please, remember to ______the TV when you are not watching it. Do not forget to ______________ the light when you leave the room. Do not leave the refrigerator door ______.

Draw and colour on __________ sides of paper. Do not leave the water ____________ when you brush your teeth. _____________plants, for plants are the lungs of our ________.






turn off


switch off

  1. Match the slogans about the nature.

A good planet is hard to find.

Пустыни и опустынивание — не засушливые пустыни! )

Deserts and Desertification – Don’t Desert Drylands!

Время для природы.

Time for Nature.

Трудно найти хорошую планету.

Only One Earth.

Только одна Земля.

If you can’t reuse it, refuse it. (

Возьмитесь за руки, чтобы спасти окружающую среду.

Join hands to save environment.

Сохраняйте спокойствие и становитесь зелеными.

Keep calm & go green.

Посадите дерево сегодня.

Plant a tree today

Если вы не можете использовать это повторно, откажитесь от этого. )

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Спасите Землю, чтобы спасти жизнь.

Save Earth to Save Life.

Глобальное потепление — глобальное предупреждение.

Don’t let our future dry up.

Уменьшение, повторное использование, переработка

Global Warming is Global Warning.

Не позволяйте нашему будущему засохнуть.

A Tree for peace.

Скажи нет загрязнению!

Don’t destroy, save the environment.

Встаньте на защиту Земли.

Say no to pollution!

Дерево мира.

Stand up for the Earth.

Не разрушайте, сохраняйте окружающую среду

  1. Summarizing

Join hands to save environment.

Возьмитесьзаруки, чтобыспастиокружающуюсреду.

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