Статья "Проблема выбора профессий у подростков в 21 веке в России и англоязычных странах"

Проблема выбора профессий всегда была очень важна. Профессия человека во многом определяет его будущее. Тема выбора профессий очень интересна для подростков. В нашей работе приведены примеры различных профессий (необычных и обычных, опасных и безопасных, престижных и не очень, хорошо оплачиваемых и менее оплачиваемых). Изучение данной темы помогло выяснить, с какими трудностями чаще всего сталкивается подросток при выборе профессии. А также выяснить на какие группы можно разделить профессии. Мы надеемся, что наша работа поможет подросткам понять, в какой сфере он хочет работать и ответить на большинство интересующих их вопросов при выборе профессии. Данный материал может быть использован на уроках обществознания, на классных часах, а также на уроках английского языка (научная работа переведена на английский язык). Информацией, предоставленной в работе, может воспользоваться и учитель , и классный руководитель, и школьник.

Izosimov Igor
Russia, Tyumen region, Tyumen
Class 7 “A” school №68

Chapter I
Different professions. How to choose? “Want” “can” “need”.
Much knowledge we have, more clever and kind our soul becomes. Becoming smart we can develop our culture. When we develop our culture our families live in harmony. If families are happy, we increase and make better our country. If people in our country are happy, we can speak about peace all over the world.
So we must look for information about the world, develop our skills of learning and try to make our world better. Happiness is the most important part of people’s souls. 
Do you want your profession will be prestigious and has recognition in society? Do you want your profession will be interesting?
Do you choose the easiest profession? 
Do you want to connect your profession with your parents advice or other relatives advice? To make the right choice you must know 3 main things:
The first, you should understand your professional interest and skills, means person’s desire to do some special things which you really like. You must not only have an aspiration to come to your goal but you must enjoy the process of doing something. We can call it “I WANT”
To assess our professional characteristics and knowledge and skills which can help us in this, or that profession. We speak about health, qualification, character features and temperament...We can call it “I CAN”
We should find out what professions are prestigious and well paid on the labor market. We can call it “I NEED” 

The main factors which influence our professional choice:
Position and opinion of our parents and relatives.
Our teachers’ position.
Our friends’ position.
Our personal professional plans.
Our skills.
What social level we would like to have.
Our level of knowledge.
Our interests.

Idioms and proverbs in Russia and Britain about professions, positive and negative.
Russia    Britain
Работа не волк - в лес не убежит    If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Если работу стоит делать, то стоит делать её хорошо
Работать спустя рукава     Only fools and horses work. Работают только дураки и лошади
Без труда не выловишь рыбку из пруда     The devils finds work for idle hands to do. Дьявол находит занятие для праздных рук
Терпение и труд всё перетрут    A bad workman blames his tools. Плохой работник ругает свои инструменты
Кто не работает, тот не ест     A woman’s work is never done. Женский труд никогда не заканчивается
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Работа без забавы делает Джека скучным 
    Hard work never did anyone any harm. Упорная работа никому ещё вреда не принесла

Where can we find help in choice of our future profession in Russia and Great Britain.
Russia    Great Britain
Occupational guidance at school    Occupational guidance at school
The day of “open doors” at universities and institutes    The day of “open doors” at universities and institutes
    Free year” after leaving schools or colleges

6 types of personality of Holland:
John L. Holland identified 6 personalities and work environment types. According to Holland, if you can match your personality type and your work environment, you can improve your success and satisfaction. The idea is that “birds of a feather, flock together,” and that people with the same personality type tend to enjoy working with each other. For example, Artistic people enjoy working with other Artistic people.
Additionally, people with the same personality type tend to create a work environment that rewards thinking and behaving like that type. For example, an Artistic environment rewards creative expression. The result? … When you’re in an environment that supports you, you act and feel more effective. The thing to remember is that personality types are really just lenses on behavior. Rather than assume you’re just one personality type, Holland suggests that you have interests with each of the 6 personality types, in descending order, effectively creating 720 different personality patterns.
In the book The Truth About Managing People…And Nothing But the Truth, Stephen R. Robbins writes about the six personality and work environment types.
Mistakes in choosing a future profession:
-Our attitude to profession as to a constant thing
-How real opinions about prestigious professions
-When we choose a profession according to our friends’ opinions
-If we like or dislike a person with some professions, we like or dislike the profession
-When we like only exteriority of profession
-Matching the scrod subject with a real profession
-Unwillingness to learn and understand our own character features
-Undervaluation of our own physical problems when we choose a future profession
-Ignorance of the mail activities, operation and their order when we solve a problem of choosing a future career.
Odd jobs
How many jobs can you think of? Twenty? Thirty? No doubt the list includes: doctors, lawyer, teacher, mechanic, plumber, and so on. So, if you want to do well, how can you decide the best way to make a living?
Here are some odd professions which are interesting to know about. 
King helper
King Alfonso XIII of Spain was going deaf so he employed an “Anthem Man”. His only job was to give a signal to the king when the national anthem was being played so that he would know when to sit down!
If you cannot find a tuneless monarch to be your employer, the railways offer jobs of all sorts. In Japan, “Passenger Pushers” are employed full time by the railway companies in Tokyo. During the rush hour, when hundreds of people are trying to get on the metro, they do their best to squeeze everyone into trains so that the doors will close properly.
Chewing gum collectors
Another technological advance that led to job creation on the railways was the invention of chewing gum in 1928. When they finished their gum, many passenger just dropped it on the floor of the station and management at New York’s Grand Central Station had to do something about in. In the end, they employed a professional gum remover who had a lot of work to do – he collected on average over three  kilos of the sticky menace per day. I suppose you could say he got attached to his job!
In America, Miss Edith King was given an unusual job in the army. She was employed by the US War Department in 1905 with the task of finding soldiers who had run away from army. She collected $50 for each deserter. Her only weapon wan flirtation. If the runaway soldiers thought they were going to have a good time, they were making a big mistake – she led over five hundred into court. She must have had real charm!    

Chapter 2
Analyzes and steps to the right decision in choosing our future profession.
Everyone understands that choosing a future career is very responsible step. So we must approach to this issue very seriously.
According to the information in one English magazine we can show you the results of comparative analysis of the factors which influence our choice.

7 Steps to the right decision of choosing our future profession.
To make the list of suitable professions.
To make the list of requirements to the chosen profession.
To determine the significance of every requirement.
To appraise the compliance with the requirements to every chosen profession.
To analyze the results. 
To check the results.
To determine the main practical steps to our success.

The comparative analysis of the factors which influence on our choice of the future professions. School №64. Students of 7-th, 8-th, 9-th forms.
According to the results of our research in 7-th, 8-th, 9-th forms school №64, we can do our choice of their future professions and what factors influence our choice.
Do you think about choosing a career now?
According to the results of our research we can say that it is very important to come to the question of choice of a career very seriously and with an acknowledge. Our research shows that more opportunities we view while choosing a career, better and more appropriate choice we can do.
-We have found three main things which influence on the right choice of the future career: I want, I can, I need.
-We searched the main factors which help us in our professional choice.
-We searched what can help students in Russia and Britain to choose the future profession.
-We studied six types of personalities of J. Holland and understood the Holland identified six personality and work environment types.
-We found the main professional types.
-We learned the main mistakes in choosing a future profession.
-We found the most interesting information about odd professions in the world.
-We analyzed what factors influence on our decision in choosing our future profession.

List of literature
Stephan R. “The Truth About Managing people…..find nothing but the Truth”
Magazine “London. Career.”
 “Opportunities” Students book. Longman.
The Observer Newspaper for an extract from “The end of intelligence’ by Ray Monk(October 2012 p.126)

Appendix I

Addictions (склонности)-26%
Abilities (способности)-25%
Prestige of profession (престиж профессии)-29%
Information (информационность)-3%
Position of adults in the family (позиция старших членов семьи)-13%
Position of friends and teacher (позиция товарище и учителей)-2%
Personal profession plans (личные профессиональные планы)-2%

Appendix II
 Addictions (склонности)-35%
Abilities (способности)-30%
Prestige of profession (престиж профессии)-5%
Information (информационность)-19%
Position of adults in the family (позиция старших членов семьи)-3%
Position of friends and teacher (позиция товарище и учителей)-2%

Appendix III
Do you think about choosing a career?
Yes               No

Does the profession of your parents influence your choice?           
Yes               No

What sphere of life is more interesting for you?
a) Policy        b) Economy    c) Social      d) Spiritual

Did you change your preferences about professions from childhood till now? 
Yes               No

Are you interested in dangerous professions?              
Yes               No

You chose professions:
According to your interests
According to the material profit
After your parents professions

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