Разработка урока английского языка "Суд над мистером Скоттом"; 10 класс

the Clerk of the court


the Court reporter (Mr Crawford)

the Public prosecutor (Mr Blanc)

the Defender (Mrs Maron)

the Suspect (Mr Scott)

the Witness (John Bolly)

the Witness (Mrs Plymth)

the Witness (Jillian McDougle)


Гусева Юлия Николаевна

учитель английского языка

МАОУ "Гимназия№2"

The trial of Mr Scott


The suspect (Mr Scott)


Clerk of the Court

The court reporter (Mr Crawford)

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc)

The defender (Mrs Maron)

The witness (John Bolly)

The witness (Mrs Plymth)

The witness (Jillian McDougle)



Clerk of the court : Quietness! The court is coming!

Judge: Mr Crawford?

The court reporter (Mr Crawford): Your honour, respected jury, today we have a deal with a theft. The public deffender is representing Mr Scott for his arraignment with stealing of two sausage sticks and a pack of sweets from the Morisons' supermarket last Tuesday.

Judge: Mr Scott, you have been charged with section 664 attempted theft. Do you confess your guilt?

The suspect (Mr Scott): Yes, your Honour... I'm guilty, sir. My life is in your will.

Judge: Mr Blanc? It's your turn.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Your honour, we have a few witnesses to hear.

Judge: Does the defense side mind?

The defender (Mrs Maron): No, your Honour, it's a prosecutor's right.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): The 1st witness of accusation is John Bolly.

Judge: Please, Mr Blanc, start your inquest.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Thanks. Mr Bolly, do you swear to speak only truth and nothing except truth?

The witness (John Bolly): Sure, sir.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Well, Mr Bolly tell about the last Tuesday.

The witness (John Bolly): I work as a cashier at the Morisons'.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Do you know the suspect?

The witness (John Bolly): Yes. I remember him. Because this man refused to pay the products he took, said he had no money.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Do I understand clearly that you mean Mr Scott wanted to leave not paying?

The witness (John Bolly): Exactly, sir.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Thank you Mr Bolly. I have no any questions.

Judge: Mrs Maron, would you ask anything?

The defender (Mrs Maron): No, sir, I'll wait for our witness.

Judge: Well, next witness.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Mrs Plymth, are you familiar with the suspect?

The witness (Mrs Plymth): Yes, this criminal is my neighbour.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): So, and what do know about the case he is charged?

The witness (Mrs Plymth): Of course, I told this to my friends and my daughter. I know he is unemployed now, he's just an idler. When my husband was alive he came back from the office late at night. Mr Scott is merely afraid of responsibilities. He deserves a severe punishment.

Judge: Allow the court to make decisions, mam.

The witness (Mrs Plymth): I'm sorry , your Honour.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Thank you, Mrs Plymth.

Judge: Mrs Maron, it's your turn.

The defender (Mrs Maron): Thanks, your Honour. If you allow, I'll start with a single defense witness. I suggest to hear Jillian McDougle.

The defender (Mrs Maron): Mrs McDougle, are you a sister of Mr Scott?

The witness (Jillian McDougle): Yes.

The defender (Mrs Maron): Tell us about the situation happened with your brother's family?

The witness (Jillian McDougle): I'm not pleasant to say this but still I must help him. James doesn't work now but he's seeking for it. He is a real professional in his field. They , I mean Marry and children are below the poverty line because Kate is in her mother rest since July. This act was forced, nobody help them , they moved into this town recently.

The defender (Mrs Maron): Do you help them?

The witness (Jillian McDougle): Earlier I did, I am in divorse. I work at the factory, my salary hardly covers the bills and my children...

The defender (Mrs Maron): Your Honour, that's all of me.

Judge: Thank you , Mrs Maron. Are the sides ready for debates?

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Yes.

The defender (Mrs Maron): Yes, your Honour.

Judge: Mr Blanc, please.

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Thanks... Your Honour, respected jury, we've heard the case. Don't get lost, we have a dangerous criminal who doesn't will to change his way of life. Such people are a menace to the society. Today it's just a sausage stick but tomorrow it' ll be a billion dollars. We create confusion in the city streets ourselves. James Scott deserves a severe punishment.

Judge : Is that all?

The public prosecutor (Mr Blanc): Yes. That's all, your Honour.

Judge: Mrs Maron ?

The defender (Mrs Maron): Respected Court and jury, I ask you to put yourselves on his place for a moment. You're alone with your problems, no job, no money, no relatives, no friends- a terrific picture, isn't it? This act isn't in this man principles. He is ashamed. He is just a victim of circumstances. It was the last thing to commit but what a person should when his family is hungry and there is no money to provide them. Look at that with sympathy, and you'll agree he's innocent as a child. And he recognised his fault completely. Put yourselves on his place , and allow to realease him to go home.

Judge: Thank you, Mrs Maron. Mr Scott, you' ve a right for the last word. Will you use the right?

The suspect (Mr scott): No, your Honour.

Judge: The Jury, now you will come into the juror room to make a single right decision.

(…........a short pause for jury............)

Clerk of the court : Order! The court is coming!

Judge: According to the jury's decision , Mr James Scott must be justified , thus the verdict is “unguilty”. The case is completed.

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