Письмо другу по переписке УМК Сambridge Global English 2; 2класс


I amwritingtothankyouforyourletter.I

amgladtohave a penfriendfromMoscow.I want to visit Russia one day.

I think Moscow is a beautiful city.There are a lot of places to see but It’s winter now.There is a lot of snow.It’s cold and frosty.I would like to come and meet you in summer.These days my family and I are very busy.We are shopping forpresents.Christmas is coming!December 25th.Ican’t wait to see Santa Claus.I have got a long stocking for presents.I’d like a new adnenturebook,a box of chocolate biscuits,atablet,some soft toys and a long skipping rope.I like reading exciting books,playing with toysand jumping over arope.I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I need to go to bed.What would you like to get as a Christmas present? Do you like reading? Can you read a book in one day? Take care.

Your friend,


These are my dream presents.

Here I am!I am glad to be your friend!

My sister, Jennie.She is older than me.

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