Презентация по английскому языку "Road Safety"; 6 класс

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“Road safety” Учитель:Голикова В.С. ГБОУ лицей 64
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World Day of Remembrance
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“The death rate of child pedestrians in Great Britain is worse than that in many other countries. In recent years we have been behind such countries as France, the Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Australia and Belgium in terms of the number of child pedestrians killed as a proportion of the population”. Internet resource
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• Pedestrians and cyclists are the common group injured. • Majority of fatal accidents occurred during winter season. • Children were at fault in majority of cases. They were either playing on the road or crossing the roads, unsupervised by adults. The cyclists were not wearing any protection helmets • ost at risk.
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The top ten causes of auto accidents • • • • • • • • speeding, bad weather, driving under the influence of alcohol, drug use, sleepiness, cell phone use, distractions, recklessness and road hazards.
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What about Russia?
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So what's the solution? • slower traffic, • better drivers’ education • teaching kids about road safety in the family, at school, during meetings with traffic policemen • safe playgrounds for children • obeying traffic rules • wearing of safety helmets

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