Конспект и презентация к внеклассному мероприятию по английскому языку «Magic school of the English language»; 4 класс

Конспект и презентация к внеклассному мероприятию по английскому языку «Magic school of the English language»; 4 класс

Целью данного внеклассного мероприятия является повышение интереса к изучению иностранного языка среди учащихся 3-4 классов. А одной из задач является "совершенствовать речевые умения и навыки по теме «School»​​". Данная разработка подкреплена не только планом мероприятия, а так же презентациями, раздаточным материалом и заданиями для интерактивной доски.

Цель: повышение интереса к изучению английского языка.


  1. продолжить формирование фонетических и лексических навыков;
  2. развивать умение аудирования и говорения;
  3. совершенствовать речевые умения и навыки по теме «School»
  4. продолжить формирование положительной мотивации к изучению иностранного языка;
  5. развивать креативные способности учащихся; логическое мышление.
  6. воспитывать чувство взаимопомощи и внимания друг к другу.


  • компьютер;
  • мультимедиа: мультимедийные презентации (Приложение 1,2), задания для работы с интерактивной доской (Приложение 3); 
  • раздаточный материал (Приложение 4)

Ход внеклассного мероприятия
Good afternoon boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. How are you today? 
I see that you are in a magic mood. What is magic?  Today we will have a magic time together.
Look at the screen. What is it? (Приложение 1) 

Yes, it’s a magic school of the English language. Our friends Twinky and Floppy are at this school. They are looking for their friend Greeny. He has lost in the labyrinth of this school. But Twinky and Floppy can’t help Greeny as their English isn’t very good. So they ask as for the help. Are you ready to help Twinky and Floppy?

Let’s divide into two teams. Look under your chairs. What is there? Is it cardinal or ordinal number? Pupils with cardinal numbers sit here, please. And pupils with ordinal numbers sit here, please. Think over the name of your team? The first team is …. The second team is …
Let’s go to the magic English school.    
1st task.  (5 points)

Look at the screen. We are in the classroom of English letters and sounds. 
Letters t and h give us sound [θ]. Listen to me. And repeat after me.
We pronounce letter w with rounded lips [w]. Listen to me. Repeat after me.
The task is following you should read these sentences with different emotions. I’ve got cards with emotions. Let’s start from the first team. 

Cards with emotion: (Приложение 4)

  1. You are sad.
  2. You are angry.
  3. You are sorry.
  4. You are happy.
  5. You are naughty.
  6. You are crying.
  7. You are whispering.

Thank you very much. Let’s go further.
2nd task (1 point for each right answer)
(Приложение 1,3)

Oh, we’ve found a box with a surprise. Let’s watch what it is! We are the school laboratory of English words and phrases.  Someone very naughty mixed all letters. And now we should make up words. 
Good job. Now let’s match school subject with activity which we do in it. Genius!

3rd task (5 points)
Now we are at a Music classroom. Do you like sing songs?
Ok, I gave your cards with the words of one song. You should listen to the song and fill in the gaps. (Приложение 4)
Let’s check this task. Ok, very well. 
Stand up and let’s sing this song. 
You are excellent pupils! Let’s watch what the next classroom is.

4th task (1 point for each right answer)
Yes, it’s Math’s classroom. And we should solve some problems. Somebody cut all sentences. Let’s put the words in the right order. (Приложение 2)
Make up sentences:

  1. goes/school/every/He/to/day.
  2. is/music/She/listening/to/now.
  3. like/Does/to read/she/stories?
  4. song/Kate/is/now/singing.
  5. is/Maths/the/lesson/on/first/Monday. 
  6. The/day/fifth/of/is/day/the/week/Friday.

Good job, pupils. Let’s go to the next classroom.
5th task (1 point for each right answer)
It’s English classroom. I see that there are two tasks for you here. They are under these clouds. Choose one for your team.
Answer the questions:

  1. What’s your favourite school day?
  2. What’s your favourite school subject?

Think over for a while. Are you ready?
Thank you, very much! You are good pupils!
6th task (5 points for the winner)
I think that we are near the Greeny. Let’ open the last door. 
Oh, there is a surprise her. Look at the board. What is the game?
Do you like playing crosses and noughts? 

You will be crosses and you will be noughts. To put your mark you should make up a sentence with the word in picture. 
Let’s start. I think that this team will start as they have more points.  
Oh the door is opening… It’s Greeny. He’s free. Let’s say him Good bye. 
So, our new friend flew away. But he left some present for us. Let’s choose the winner. 
Thank your boys and girls for taking active part in our competition. Good bye!

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