Презентация к уроку английского языка "Язык жестов (Body Talk)"; 11 класс

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Body Language Сonscious and unconscious movements and postures, hand gestures, facial expressions, eye movements and touch
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Examples of non-verbal communication (ex. 3 p. 6) Match the columns: • • • • • • Rubbing/scratching one’s nose Crossed arms Reflexive movements of the eyes Looking straight in the eyes The pupil of the eye is getting bigger Sweat pouring off the forehead and constantly moving feet means mean doesn’t mean •the person is trying to remember something •creating good impression •the person is lying •the person is aggressive/defensi
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Answers • Rubbing/scratching one’s nose means the person is lying. • Crossed arms mean the person is aggressive/defensive. • Reflexive movements of the eyes mean the person is trying to remember something. • Looking straight in the eyes means the person is lying. • The pupil of the eye is getting bigger means something is being hidden. • Sweat pouring off the forehead and constantly moving feet doesn’t mean creating good impression.
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Facial expression comes naturally hence it is beyond the control of speaker.
Слайд 5
Feelings o Embarrassme nt o Regret o Anxiety o Worry o Annoyance o Joy o Indifference o Nervousness o Friendliness o Affection o Dislike o Suspicion o Disbelief o Unconcern
Слайд 6
What gestures do people in your country use to show anger, joy, worry, regret, annoyance and other emotions? (ex.7, p. 7)
Слайд 7
Anger - a strong feeling against someone who has behaved badly, making you want to shout at them or hurt them: wrinkled forehead clenched teeth narrowed eyes bite his low lip
Слайд 8
Anger red face
Слайд 9
anger Hands on hips
Слайд 10
Angry woman Tapping her foot
Слайд 11
Happiness/joy is the feeling of being happy Her eyes are twinkling and she is smiling , laugh lines appear in the corner of the eyes, cheeks raise, her face is opening up to the whole world and her mouth is open and the teeth expose.
Слайд 12
Worried – feeling unhappy and frightened A face is compressed or contorted by various muscles such as the one between the eyebrows. The eyes are wide open, tense and focused, the eyebrows raised.
Слайд 13
Regret - a feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made. Avoiding eye contact Blushing Hanging shoulders Resting head in a hand Looking down at the floor or his own feet Pressed lips Lowered chin Quiet
Слайд 14
Annoyance -the feeling or state of being annoyed Feeling hot Feeling light headed Pushing face in hands Tense muscles Tightened fists Pursed lips Stiff jaw Tightened face
Слайд 15
Anxiety -an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future. Furrowed forehead expresses worries & anxiety
Слайд 16
Surprise- seeing or learning something unexpected • Raised eyebrows convey surprise
Слайд 17
Fear - an unpleasant emotion you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen. Bulging eyes Flared nostrils Shaking heavily Trembling chin, hands, knees Cold sweats Pale face Shaking hands Tightened shoulders Unable to move
Слайд 18
Disgust- a strong feeling of disapproval and dislike at a situation, person's behaviour. Grimaced expression Squeezed eyebrows Curled lip Wrinkled nose
Слайд 19
Do you know what these jestures mean?
Слайд 20
Shrugging of shoulders indicates indifference & unconcern
Слайд 21
Thumbs up sign indicates wishing “Good Luck”
Слайд 22
A Smile expresses friendliness & affection
Слайд 23
• Frown shows dislike or suspicion
Слайд 24
Hand on cheek This body language example indicates that one is lost in thought, maybe considering something. When your hand is on your cheek and your brows are furrowed you may be in deep concentration.
Слайд 25
Finger tapping or drumming This action demonstrates that one is growing tried or impatient while waiting.
Слайд 26
Touching the nose Touching or rubbing the nose signifies disbelief, rejection, or lying about something.
Слайд 27
Placing Finger tips together This is called “steepling,” or placing fingertips together to demonstrate control or authority.
Слайд 28
Head in hands The body language meaning of this gesture may be that of boredom, being upset, or being ashamed, so one does not want to show their face.
Слайд 29
Head nodding This gesture usually signifies agreement or bowing, submissive gesture that shows one is going along with another person’s opinions.
Слайд 30
Lowered head This indicates one is hiding something. When you lower your head while you are being complimented, you may be showing shyness, shame, or timidity. It may also convey that you are keeping distance from another person, showing disbelief, or thinking to yourself.
Слайд 31
Use the phrases to describe the people. How do you think each person is feeling? (ex. 1 p. 8)
Слайд 32
Ben wrinkled forehead clenched teeth tapping his foot narrowed eyes red face hands on hips
Слайд 33
Ryan Head down Downturned mouth Eyes cast down Folded arms
Слайд 34
Phoebe Lowered eyes Giggling Feet turned inwards Blushing Clasping her hands
Слайд 35
Feet turned inwards
Слайд 36
Beth Raised eyebrows Mouth open Eyes wide open Raised hands
Слайд 37
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Слайд 38
http://bodylanguageproject.com/nonverbal-dictionary/body-language-ofhappiness-and-joy/ https://rollforfantasy.com/guides/writing-body-language-part-two.php

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