Презентация к уроку английского языка "Чудеса света"; 11 класс

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WONDERS OF THE WORLD Презентацию выполнила учитель английского языка МБОУ «Гимназия № 17» Ратанова Светлана Михайловна
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Wonders of modern architecture Urban cactus One of the architectural wonders of the world is the city cactus. This is a vivid example of ecological architecture, which is located in the city of Rotterdam. Apartments in the house have open semicircular terraces, each of which has its own garden. The building has 19 floors and is designed for 98 apartments. According to the architects, their creation will definitely decorate the gray part of the city, which is almost devoid of green spaces. The space of the terrace has a depth of at least 2 meters, so that residents can arrange in their apartment own Park for a healthy holiday.
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The Lotus TempleThe Lotus temple is also an architectural wonder of the world. This is one of the main attractions in the capital of India, built in 1986. The height of the building reaches 40 meters, and the Central hall of the building can accommodate up to 1,300 people at once. The building has 27 white petals, which are placed in three rows and are made of white marble. The temple is especially beautiful at night, when the lights turn on and you can see the blooming Lotus flower in all its stone glory.
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The ice hotel in Sweden A brilliant architect does not need a stone, metal or wood to create his creation. The hallmark of modern Sweden has become a hotel built of ice. This charming place is born again every year to live only 4 months. More than 30 tons of snow and 10 thousand tons of hand ice are used for the construction of the hotel. Crystal Palace accommodates more than a hundred guests, and each room is unique and unique. Despite the cold inside the apartment, many connoisseurs of architectural art are forced to book rooms in advance, because the Ice Hotel is always Packed with curious tourists.
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The Esplanade Esplanade theatre-the pearl of Singapore, which was released in 2002-also refers to the architectural wonders of the world. The complex is located on the shore of the Bay, and its domes are like two halves of durian fruit, which is traditional for local residents. The Esplanade is a centre for the arts, which has a theatre, a concert hall with a total capacity of 3600 places, gallery, shopping complex and a theatre on the roof under the open sky. Spherical domes of the theater are made of glass, which are covered with a needle roof.
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House-piano with violin Architecture is not only experience, but also the lion's share of talent. Thus, Chinese students of the University of science and technology were able to realize the project of the famous exhibition hall in Anhui province. This wonder of the world architecture is a huge black piano with a transparent cello. Of course, the project of the building has its functional drawbacks, but the external beauty and textural grandeur takes them to the background. With the arrival of the evening, the entire exposition is illuminated by linear illumination along the contour of the outlines of musical instruments, so there is no end to tourists either day or night. Locals call the music house the most romantic corner of China. The building is made of concrete, glass and pipes. In the Grand piano there is an exhibition hall with a gorgeous panoramic view. And the entrance and escalators are in the cello .
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Grand Lisboa Grand Lisboa-a Grand skyscraper in the Macau region, which gambling fans call the second Las Vegas-the sixth architectural wonder of the world. This building is 258 meters high, the complex of which has the largest casino, located in an eight-storey podium of spherical shape, and a hotel with 650 rooms. The skyscraper blooms at night when each architectural petal is lit with bright lights. Grand Lisboa-this is the case when the shocking structure is complemented by exquisite interior. In the hall you can see the exhibition of crystal and mammoth tusks, gold leaf and Swarovski stones (Swarovski). The skyscraper in Macau has become an architectural heritage of China and every day gathers under its roof thousands of players from around the world.
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House without right angles Tired of the boring architecture of the city? How would you like a house that doesn't have right angles? This building was built in Poland in 2004. Photos of this masterpiece flew literally all over the Internet. Looking at the crooked house, you might think that you are in a crooked mirror, because the bizarre shapes of the architectural object seem unreal and a little fabulous. Polish house without corners has 2 floors. Despite its curvature, the building stands firmly on the Foundation. The total area of the building is almost 4 thousand square meters. This place is loved not only by ordinary visitors and tourists, but also by celebrities who leave their autographs on a special wall of fame, located on the second floor.
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The perfect Palace Ferdinand Cheval castle is better known as the ideal Palace. In 1969, the French government recognized the castle as a historical monument. The most interesting thing is that this Palace was built by an ordinary postman who invested in his creation almost 53 years of life, 20 of which spent on collecting materials, literally 1 stone. So simple dream could be embodied in the architectural heritage of France, which at one time appreciated by Pablo Picasso. As befits elegant palaces, the castle has many moves, elegant sculptures and all kinds of fountains. On the territory of the castle of postman Ferdinand Cheval is the temple of the virgin Mary Mosque. And on the facade of the Palace you can read the words of Christ and Buddha. This object is a vivid confirmation that the great can be created with ordinary hands and even the wildest dreams can be realized.
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WONDERS OF ENGINEERING he Great Pyramid Of Cheops, Giza, Not always something that has a Egypt huge size, the best quality. Simply no one said this to Pharaoh Khufu before he built this pyramid in 2570 BC. More than 2 million limestone blocks, each weighing more than 2 tons, were raised to create a monster building in some places to a height of 146.5 meters. This structure remained the tallest for 4,000 years. But what is the size, if it were not supported by the genius of the design. Each 230-meter side is different from the other just a few centimeters. The details of this construction is truly exceptional: the internal shafts point out important constellations! Well, it looks, of course, just phenomenal. The pyramids are open daily; two of them are usually accessible to the public. Come here at 8 am - and you can easily get tickets.
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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey This awesome structure was named in honor of the divine wisdom (from the Greek. sophos). The name is very appropriate, as the incredible beauty of this ancient building, created by the Emperor of Byzantium Justinian in 537 ad, was realized thanks to the cunning of innovative architects. Once they placed it a huge, seemingly floating 30meter dome on the sails and hidden columns. Converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest in 1453, Hagia Sophia is now a secular Museum. But when the rays of sunlight make their way through the Golden mosaics of its cavernous interior, it becomes easier to ask for forgiveness of sins at such a religious moment. Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays; come on other days of the week to fully enjoy the miracle of this historic masterpiece.
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Indian railway The first train, puffing, headed for the 33-kilometer route from Mumbai to Tang back in 1853. Today, 18 million passengers daily make the journey in 63 000 km In 1874, major Stanton built the 88-kilometer road. It is hard to believe, but only 65 days have passed from the initial study to the commissioning of locomotives. Such feats were repeated throughout the country. And now you can drive on a convenient wide-gauge road or on the "roller coaster" up to the Himalayan mountain stations. Trips with the Indian railway, which allow pre-booking of seats and shelves in three different classes, come into effect both half a day and 90 days before departure.
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Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Is this a ship? A flower? A fish? Spain What's this? Frank Gehry saw this shimmering creation in a very special way, in his own way. Call it deconstructivism or, like king Juan Carlos of Spain, simply "the best building of the 20th century"; somehow, it continues to amaze. Innovative automated 3-D design program has allowed 60 tons of titanium to form wide sheets with a thickness of just half an inch, and especially reinforced glass, so smoothly curving carapace of limestone. Since its opening in 1997, the Museum has received a staggering array of works. And the building itself marked the beginning of the Renaissance in Bilbao. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is open from Tuesday to Sunday all year round, and on Mondays in July and August.
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The great wall Genghis Khan allegedly said:"the strength of the wall depends on the courage of those who protect it." Whether it is true the Chinese did not check, and well, went the other way. The original great wall of China was built by the third century of the Qin (Qin dynasty), which forced hundreds of thousands of workers to raise, according to various estimates, about 180 million cubic meters of rocks. During the Ming dynasty (14th-17th century), 60 million cubic meters of stone and brick were added. In General, the construction lasted for almost 2,000 years, cost millions of lives and dragged on for some 6 500 km. No, you can't see it from the moon, but so excited, that drops the jaw. The sectors closest to Beijing are usually crowded with street vendors; head to Sīmǎtái or Jīnshānlǐng – there are fewer tourists.
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Millau Viaduct, France Just imagine: concrete - 206 000 tons; steel deck - 36 000 tons. No, it's really exciting: the bridge structure (viaduct) of sir Norman foster is an example of practicality, you can even say prosaic, and at the same time exquisite beauty. When the engineers were tasked with building a bridge across the entire valley of the tarn river in the South of France, they accomplished a record-breaking technological feat. Namely, the bridge was built with a length of 2,460 meters, which includes the world's highest supports, the highest mast and the highest road flooring. But the reason why drivers (and tourists) stop and just stare is the extraordinary feeling of lightness and fragility, which surprisingly distinguishes so much grandiose building. The bridge costs €5.02, but the entrance to the visitor centre, which is open daily, is free of charge.
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Some time ago there was a passing hobby "cut" buildings of stone. Remember Abu Simbel in Egypt, Peter in Jordan. The churches carved from the rock are still active. Come to Timkat (Epiphany, January 19) - and you will see lively pilgrims, singing, whirling incense. Tens of thousands of workers (some of them divine, according to legend) have worked since the 11th century to dig up 11 Lalibela churches vertically from the ground. Although they have enough processed edges, their exquisite carving and patterns bring visual pleasure. The churches of Lalibela are open daily. Not to pick up fleas from their carpets, sprinkle your socks with flea powder. Lalibela, Ethiopia
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Falkirk wheel, Scotland Boats are great for swimming, but not so good for the descent. And climb up-generally boring. If you were a boat and wanted to climb a mountain, say between the Fort and Clyde Scottish canals and the Union canal with a height of 35 meters, then you needed either a system of locks 1.5 km long, or a huge steel thing that rotates a pair of huge water-filled gondolas. Each gondola on the Falkirk wheel raises and lowers the boat. It took 1,200 tons of steel, more than 15,000 bolts and a very, very large crane to build this structure, which connected these two wheels in 2001. Unique! One-hour boat trips, including up and down, are available daily.
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Yaxchilan, Yucatan, Mexico Wealthy city Yaxchilan in the best season (680-800. BC) has an exceptional carved facades and roofs scallops, but perhaps the most interesting feature is that, unfortunately, has not survived to our days: a suspension bridge is 63 metres long, which was considered the longest for 700 years. The existence of the bridge, discovered in the mid-1990s as a result of archaeological research and computer modeling, is still being discussed, but the idea itself adds to the charm of one of the most intriguing and ancient monuments in America. To Asciano impossible to reach by car or by train; rent a boat for a 45 minute journey from Frontera
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Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates So it's all about size: the tallest building in the world isn't huge - it's just colossal. Despite the fact that the countries of the Persian Gulf are able to create huge artificial Islands in the form of trees, the world's first 7-star hotels, etc., Burj Khalifa not only quietly overtook his predecessors, he just roared past them. The former champion, tower in Taiwan-Taipei 101has a height of only 509 meters, while the Burj Khalifa is as much as 300 meters higher. The building is so high that the temperature at its top is 6 degrees lower than at its base! To get a closer look, the rich can book a room at the Armani hotel, which occupies the bottom 37 floors of the Burj Khalifa.

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