Интерактивная презентация к уроку английского языка "Дети во времена королевы Виктории"; 7 класс

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English lesson, Form 7, Module 3 03.12.2020 Lobanova Elena Alexandrovna, English teacher of Secondary School № 15, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region
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Birth - 1819 1823 1840 1837 1901 - Death 1857 1861 1882 1900 It’s Alexandrina Victoria, Princess of Kent, at age of 4 The history Britain hadknow the Victorian Era. Whatofelse doyears. you about Victoria was the fifth It was a time Victorian when Queen Victoria reigned times? in the line of succession for theyou British Empire. What do think children’s thethe British crown behind There are some historical facts. lives were like? the sons of George III, her Press the date and get some information! three uncles and her dad Edward. When her father died, she was only 8 Queen of with Britain and Ireland, Empress ofmonths India Queen Victoria with her children and great/grandchildren Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years and9old 7children Queen Victoria’s coronation athad age of 18 Her Queen wedding Victoria Prince and Prince Albert Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha months 3
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The Victorian era was a time of rapid technological advancement and industrialization Politics Politics 4 Inventions Inventions Literature Literature
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Canada Britain Ireland The Carribeans India Hong Kong Australia South Africa New Central Zealand Africa 5
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Photo Phonegraph camera Telephone Horse-powered Cycling tram Typewriter Telegraph Sewing machine RunningSteam water, Pavements Hot Factories locomotives London sewerage air balloon underground and and and and street machines for kitchen railway flying lights conveniences lines 6
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They Sometimes They Rich didn’t Rich Rich rarely children children work, families Rich they communicated studied children could wore had hadanice be 10 at nanny were punished or home clothes more with well and ortheir children fed servants went and withparents shoes the to school rods 8
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Lord Shaftesbury helped to stop adults from using cheap children’s labour. He started free schools for poor children 9 Orphans Most They Chimney Children They Poor They of Poor worked them worked wore children sweeps, often families went had ragged from in were totocoal looked shoes lived school age work clothes loved mines ofincleaners, for 5thin until bad intheir and to the cotton and conditions the push had families families’ hungry newsagents age factories trucks noofshoes 10 help
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Translate from Russian into English! 10 10 chimney трубочисты sweeps ragged clothes рваньё сирόтыты orphans тележки с углём coal trucks of cotton хлопок cruel жестокий factories фабрики adults взрослые
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1 2 3 Read the children statements mark them Street andand orphans Queen Victoria started first Their jobs were from and ageasafe. of 8. TRUE oreasy Children usually worked worked 3FALSE. ashours chimney day. schools for poor children. If you do sweeps. it right, you can get something tasty! Press the numbers from 1 to 5! TRUE FALSE 4 5 Well done! You are quite right! Enjoy the meal! 11
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Answer the Question Question № Question № № 18764325 questions! If you’re Which Which What Why How How What were age was of many country could was these did possible English years not you many was wasa right, you receive not children differ Victorian the did one for invented biggest the flying ofpoor Victorian employed Victoria’s children inin child the toy. If awrong, you start Victorian from British totitles? working athe work? rich Empire? last? Times? one? at? getEra rods! A. A. A.they A. Queen aA.hot A. for at telegraph no were Britain 60 air 5shoes ofyears years balloon Britain healthy 12 B. B. B.steam B. Empress they B.B. afor B. athelicopter Canada were no 10 63 locomotive years hat years ofcheap India The hint is in the Well done! You could give these toys START handbag! C. C. parents C. C. C.New for no an C.didn’t trousers radio 65 airplane Zealand years like them Queen at 15 of years Germany to the poor children!

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