Экзаменационные материалы для 5 класса

Exam Paper №3

1. Answer the questions.

2. Read the text. Be ready to read it aloud. Answer the questions. Use full answers.

Robot goes to school

At one of the Russian schools you can meet a real robot at the lessons. The robot goes to school six days a week like other pupils. It is present at the lessons of Maths, History, Geography, English and other subjects.
In fact this robot helps a boy who can’t go to school. The boy is very ill. His name is Stepan. He stays at home near his computer when the robot goes to the lessons. The robot has got a camera and a microphone so the boy can see and hear everything that happens in the classroom. The boy can even answer the teacher’s questions with the robot’s help. That’s wonderful!
At first it was strange to see the robot in the classroom but now teachers are glad. The boy doesn’t miss lessons. He studies well and gets good marks.

like – как
other – другой
ill – больной
everything – всё
1) What is the boy’s name?
2) Why does the robot go to school?
3) Where is the boy when the robot is at school?
4) Why are the teachers happy?
3. Describe the picture using the following notes:
Who can you see in the picture?
How old is she?
Where is she?
What is she doing?
How does she feel?
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