Презентация к уроку английского языка "Необычные осенние праздники в Европе"

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NUART STREETART ( STREET ART FESTIVAL) NORWAY 20 TH SEPTEMBER – 18 TH NOVEMBER At this time trere are a lot of paiters from around the world in Norway . They drowing graffiti at walls, fences by spray ballons. They create like small graffiti like greate picrures.
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OKTOBERFEST GERMANY 22TH SEPTEMBER – 7 TH OCTOBER Over 200 years there is beer festival nemed Octoberfest. At first time this festival was at 12 th of October 1810 because of wedding future king Ludovic I and his bride princess Tereza. All inhabitants of Munchen was invated there. Celebration was at the meadow which was named after pricess Tereza.
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INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF HORRORS AND FANTASY SPAIN 4 TH -14TH OF OCTOBER This festival celebrates since 1968 . There are a lotsof horror and fantasy movies all around the world. Guests of festival can speak with directors and participate of street parade.
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COMPETITION OF HUMANS TOWERS SPAIN (KOSTA DORADA) 6 TH OF OCTOBER There are a several teams at the main street and they try do create live towers. First level its men , second its women and final its children. Its important for teams after that they need to disassemble the tower brick by brick.
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WHITE NIGHT AT PARIS (FRANCE, PARIS) 6TH OF OCTOBER One time at year Paris turns into an area flooded with light where there are a lots of light installations, performances and other events. That night museums and galleries work free.
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CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL (ITALY, PERUDJA, 19 TH -28TH OF OCTOBER ) Perudja in Italy became world sweet capital because of unique chocolate festival. Every year a lot of people who loves sweets visited this festival. You can buy unusual sweets there (f.e. Chocolate books, phones, watches, cosmetics with chocolate)
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GUY FAWKES NIGHT UK, 5TH OF NOVEMBER Guy Fawkes is only one criminals who give the named of official celebrate. In 1605 Guy Fawkes made an attempt to detonate British Parliament . His attempt was averted . For this time British people celebrate the day of saved parliament Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot.
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KITESURFING FESTIVAL SPAIN 9TH-11THOF NOVEMBER Its beautiful sport event and competition. The sportsmen ride the wave on the surf with huge kite. It looks like Chinese new year
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WHITE TRUFFLES FESTIVAL ITALY 13TH-18TH OF NOVEMBER At this festival you can taste a lots of dishes with such mushrooms. Every year at this festival there is auction of white truffles, street events and parades.
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FESTIVAL OF WINE “BOJOLE NUVO” FRANCE 15 TH OF NOVEMBER The festival begins from wines testing . At 23:00 – parade with torch and carts and national songs. At midnight begins tasting Bojole Nuvo and main event.

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